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E-waste Namibia

Press release July 4, 2018

Electronic waste, e-waste, mamagement in Namibia

E-waste recycling in Namibia is handled by NamiGreen - an e-waste recycling company with focus on electronic waste primarily in Africa. NamiGreen in Namibia collaborates with the local authorities in Namibia and Southern Africa focusing on cleaning up Namibia for it's e-waste. In worst cases, dumping e-waste could easily but instead NamiGreen has turned to local authorities to help ensure e-waste is properly managed in Namibia.

E-waste is a growing concern for many developing countries and is also seen as global problem according to the United Nations. Almost 50 million metric tonnes of e-waste is generated yearly - a number that will continue to rise with growing populations and increased living standards. As living standards increase in Namibia, e-waste amounts will also increase.

In the past, e-waste management has been very poor in many African countries but e-waste companies such as NamiGreen are taking steps to professionalize the electronic waste management and adhere to local environmental laws.

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