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40,000 free recipes available on Wocobook Recipes

Press release March 8, 2019

The Wocobook (Worlds Cookbook) recipe website launches its new website with more than 40,000 free recipes.

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Wocobook Recipes today launches a new recipe website featuring several thousand recipes - all free to search and browse. The Wocobook recipe website ( aims to attract food and beverage interested users from all over the world and join in a community where they share, comment and like recipes with like food-aholics.

Free recipes

To make it easy to browse and search the free recipes from Wocobook, the website features a fast search engine, several dish type categories, including starters, dinners, desserts, lunches, ice creams, break fast and other recipe categories.

Share, like and print recipes

Though the Wocobook recipe website already features several thousand recipes, the recipe website also enables users to upload their own recipes and share their favorite recipes with other users. Furthermore, users can print recipes for easy offline access. In addition, the recipe website is optimized for mobile devices such as ipads, tablets and smartphones. That itself makes it easy to use the recipes while users are busy in the kitchen preparing the favorite recipes.



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