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Value Innovation - Job Creation

Press release September 24, 2013
Logo til pressemeddelelser The Blue Ocean way of thinking is based on concept of value innovation, which implies that the company offers a value jump to the customers. This provides the company with a competitive advantage placing them in the blue ocean. Value innovation is defined as a strategic form of logic, which strongly emphasises value and innovation.

How to adapt in a changing environment

Press release May 7, 2013
Logo til pressemeddelelser Companies today operate in an ever more turbulent business environment. Lately, the world is experiencing a financial down turn, putting pressure on cash flows and thereby also in key SCM elements. This demands higher awareness and a faster pace on changing and optimizing supply chain performance. Recent research indicates that great leaders create a stronger business. That's why leaders of the future need to have an experimental mind-set, the stomach for conflict and uncertainty - they need to be flexible. Governments force new regulations on business, competitors change tactics, strikes etc. and at these times leaders need to change course.

Where shall the future leaders come from?

Press release April 11, 2013
Will the demographic development be a barrier to the development of your nation, the companies you work fore, and to you as an individualist? Recent research indicates that Europe in the future will need energetic people with unique management competences and personally skills. We need these people as a nation and in the companies worldwide.

How to Join a Valve Professionals Network

Press release July 2, 2010
If your job is related to valve engineering, the best thing that you can do for your career is to join a valve professionals network.

Laser hair removal Edinburgh

Press release June 3, 2010
If are looking for efficiency laser hair removal Edinburgh, then you can use the Internet with confidence in order to find the best people for the job.

What to Do If You Get a Driving Suspended License Charge

Press release May 20, 2010
Some Florida drivers do not know much about the legal processes and procedures involving driver license suspension.

How to Fight a Habitual Traffic Offender Charge

Press release May 20, 2010
The state of Florida has strict motor vehicle regulations and laws. In some instances, you might be affected by such laws especially if you are considered as a habitual traffic offender.

Formal discount wedding invitations

Press release April 29, 2010
Love is a wonderful feeling and those of us who have found our half or our soul mates, as others would say, are very lucky.


Press release August 12, 2009
Rainbow 95 and Join Hands

Boston AREIA Wins Three Awards

Press release August 7, 2009
The National Real Estate Investors Association presented three awards to Boston AREIA: Electronic Communication, Finance and The Circle of Excellence.

New Hampshire Real Estate Investors Association Wins Two National Awards

Press release August 7, 2009
National Real Estate Investors Association presents an award for Education and The Circle of Excellence distinction to the New Hampshire Real Estate Investors Association.

You Asked For It

Press release August 5, 2009
New Station Hours