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Teen declares an all out war to help end MS and save his mum

Press release July 28, 2011
Ryan in Scottish Parliament campaigner vows to fight to end misery of MS but he needs support.

Policing and Justice in Northern Ireland

Press release January 27, 2010
The Orange Order has corrupted policing and justice in Ireland for two centuries and now its malign influence threatens to bring down the Peace Process

A new novel tells the story of unemployment for a soldier returning home

Press release December 6, 2009
A Mid-Western kid ships off to serve his country--four years later--Kris Klug comes back from the Middle East, a man looking for a job. He struggles to readapt to normal life, seeks employment in a downturn economy and finds no job, not even as a security guard at Wal-Mart.

“Rarest ever” unissued JFK stamps to be sold in European auction

Press release September 30, 2009
598 A set of rare unissued stamps celebrating the life of John F Kennedy is being auctioned by a British company

Blog Talk Radio with Jerry Butlet (Thursday at 7-9pm)

Press release August 18, 2009
Hello everyone join me with Jerry Butler as we discuss the U.S. Dollar topic..