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Development is the Leader's Most Important Fuel

Press release December 18, 2013
Uddannelse The daily pressure of constantly delivering tangible results means that many leaders try to close the budget gaps on their own. This is at the expense of their time spent on management; in other words at the expense of encouraging the employees to contribute to close the budget gap.

Strengthen Your Career with a Mini MBA

Press release December 16, 2013
Uddannelse If you want to be among the world's leading companies within your field, it requires a focus on how management can contribute with innovation and motivation and hereby increase performance and efficiency. The ability to optimize processes, and deliver a competitive business performance and optimizing the use of human resources is essential.

Communication as a Management Tool: Communication in Organisations

Press release December 4, 2013
Uddannelse The ability to communicate effectively, to cooperate and to deliberately make use of communicative instruments is at least as important as the pure professional competences in the company.

Lawyers Use the Mini MBA

Press release November 28, 2013
Uddannelse The traditional role of the lawyer is undergoing strong transformation. The legal profession is having problems with lack of management. This is partly due to a big change of generations, as more than half of the current lawyers will retire within the next 10 to 15 years.