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Press release: Olympic Gold Medalist Pernille Blume enters collaboration with DANISH ENDURANCE

Press release September 17, 2020
The Olympic Gold Medalist and Danish Swim Star Pernille Blume enters a partnership with the sports brand DANISH ENDURANCE for the launch of a new collection of women’s lingerie. Read more in the press release in attachment.

Study Fashion in Milan with the New Preparatory Fashion Foundation Programs of Milan Fashion Campus

Press release January 5, 2016
Facebook Summary: Your Italian Fashion Experience - Preparatory courses are created for students without prior knowledge or experience in the field. They aim to let participants understand the fashion styling and design lessons right from the beginning with theorical part and workshops. It's the perfect way to improve fashion skills with students from all over the world and start your adventure into the fashion world. Courses are open all year round, and enrollment is each Monday. Has Last Minute Instantly Confirmed Hotel Discount Reservation Rates For LA Fashion Week Fall / Autumn-Winter 2013 From March 9, 2013 – March 18, 2013

Press release March 6, 2013 discount room reservations la fashion week march has announced the best hotel booking deals for Los Angeles’s best hotels. Now is the time to book last minute rooms for the 2013 LA Fashion Week Fall / Autumn-Winter from March 9th – March 18th. Come and enjoy trendy and fashionable Los Angeles.

ILL T Shirts- The Ultimate in Casual Style and Comfort

Press release January 24, 2012
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Save your money, space and time by purchasing Phillies ILL shirts

Press release December 9, 2011
A great monogram rhinestone pendant will add sparkle for a night on the town or if you just want to dress up Phillies ILL shirts a little more. Or try a rhinestone P on your Phillies ILL shirts with a P monogram baseball hat and you have a complete outfit that shines like the stars.

The Amazing Benefits of Designer Inspired Handbags Wholesale Items

Press release July 26, 2010
Owning a stylish and fashionable handbag gives you the opportunity to make a unique fashion statement.

Why Designer-Inspired Wholesale Handbags and Scarves Are Better

Press release July 26, 2010
Almost all women want to have designer handbags and scarves. These fashion items are status symbols that give them a sense of pride and satisfaction. The sad thing is that designer fashion accessories are very expensive and not everyone can afford them.

How to be glamorous the inexpensive way with costume jewelry.

Press release July 23, 2010
Women naturally want to be beautiful and to stay fascinating as ever. But the truth is that no matter how you want to keep your natural beauty, its luster will still fade with time and age especially if you will not help yourself maintain that magnificence. One of the numerous ways to augment your beauty is by wearing costume jewelry. Wearing a pair of cubic zirconia earrings, a necklace, or ring would definitely bring out the natural beauty in you and would make you look glamorous that some people may even mistook you for a Hollywood star. The thought of wearing glittering jewelries may sound like you would run to your bank to request for a loan for the purchase of such luxurious jewelries. But the truth is, all you need is a few dollars and your Internet connection to access an online shop that offers costume jewelry. Before you know it, you are off to your next party displaying your elegance provided by accessories made of cubic zirconia.

Magnetic and Negative ion Bracelets Improves your quality of life

Press release July 22, 2010
Leading Magnetic Bracelets Manufacturer offers High Quality Negative ion Bracelets at Affordable Prices. Online Jewelry Store to Buy all Mens Jewellery.

Easy Updo Hairstyles: The Pony

Press release July 13, 2010
The classic pony updo hairstyle was first seen on the fashion catwalks as early as the 1950s. Not only is it the easiest to do, it is also the most versatile.