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Press release October 14, 2018
“The MILLIODS Ecosystem is primarily focused on providing the Consumer an opportunity to inspect inspectable products prior to making any payment and allowing the vendor to hold a certain percentage of MID Tokens owned by the purchaser as Collateral”

Skilled leaders become increasingly important for the long-term success of American businesses

Press release December 22, 2014
sverige-godtbillede According to an estimation made by The United Nations, human capital today accounts for 78% of the value of US productive resources. The need for education is increasingly important, while physical capital such as machinery and software becomes less crucial for the long-term growth of businesses.

Employer Branding – another buzzword?

Press release December 4, 2014
400 05685927a To establish a successful business one of the key elements is to have skilled and competent employees. The labor market is limited and extremely important for businesses because there are a limited number of candidates and there will always be competition to attract the best employees.

How Your Business Can Benefit From a Fly Fishing Trip

Press release October 12, 2013
Img 1313 (1) Fly fishing trips are a great option for corporate and business team bonding events, Ken's Anglers answer the questions on how your business can benefit from a fly fishing trip.

Organisational Forms - Mintzberg

Press release August 13, 2013
Logo til pressemeddelelser Henry Mintzberg can be categorised as a situation theorist, which means that he places great emphasis on how various external factors affect the organisational form and problems.

The Creative Personality - Intrinsic Motivation

Press release June 4, 2013
Employees are challenged in other areas when working with creative solutions. The desire to involve the 'whole' employee can motivate the individual, as interesting and challenging problems can produce intrinsic motivation.

Analyze Your Spreadsheet Data in Half the Time with Mapping

Press release March 22, 2013
Heat Map Data spreadsheet analysis takes a lot of time. To make sure that you use most of your time dealing with other business matters, offers data analysis tools that can help managers from all types of businesses to analyze their data in half the time. Set To Take The Sell My Website World By Storm!

Press release April 17, 2012
Sharkflip Sharkflip have launched their new website and it is expected to take the website buying and website selling sectors to another level and provide users much needed competition to rival sites.

Personalized Pens - How to Choose the Right Pen to Make the Perfect Gift

Press release March 22, 2012
En 10132 A grandmother or anyone religious may especially enjoy personalized pens with a Bible verse on them. The sky is the limit, but considering who is receiving the give will go a long way toward making sure it is well received.

Leading Business Intelligence company buys out venture partner

Press release May 19, 2011
TARGIT Business Intelligence corp LOGO Five people within the executive management of the Florida-based Danish Business Intelligence software company TARGIT have bought back total control of the business from its capital investors, Nordic Venture Partners (NVP). TARGIT management invested 10 million USD in the acquisition of the 34 percent shares, which were held by Nordic Venture Partners.

How to Choose the Best Family Business Advisors

Press release July 27, 2010
The services of family business advisors can be crucial to the operation of your company.

Whatever the Need, a Cash Advance Loan can Help

Press release July 22, 2010
Thousands of people apply for cash advance loans each and every day and in the majority of cases they are approved within hours of the application being processed.