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Zebra Printers: The Perfect Solution For Printing Versatility

Press release July 6, 2010 Electronics

To survive in business today you need consistency, speed and most importantly, be adaptable to your customer's needs.

To survive in business today you need consistency, speed and most importantly, be adaptable to your customer's needs. Zebra Technologies and Solutions has done all of this and more. Their lines of reliable Zebra printers, along with their state-of-the-art software, has enabled their customers to use a broad range of systems to identify, track and deploy critical assets to keep their own efficiency at an optimum level.

In their extensive range of specialty thermal printers, Zebra Technologies and Solutions has created Zebra printers for any need, including barcode label, mobile barcode printers, RFID printers and encoders, kiosk and card printers.

In Zebra Technologies and Solutions' line of durable high performance printers, the XI series of Zebra Printers knows no peer. These printers have a high reputation for consistently outstanding print quality, faster speeds, long life and reliable use for demanding applications and in harsh environments. The high quality combined with the low cost of ownership makes them a very smart investment for organizations that require high volume specialty label applications.

Zebra Technologies and Solutions' midrange printers are perfect for small to mid-sized manufacturing, warehousing or distribution companies that require producing a volume of printed labels for a variety of purposes. These include product labeling, shipping and receiving, compliance labeling and location labels. For an economical yet rugged printer, you cannot find a better line than Zebra printers.

Mobile printing applications have been the norm for heightening business efficiency and productivity. Whether there is a need for barcode labels, printed tickets, receipts or price tags, their mobile solution printers enable employees to print on demand without having to leave their work areas.

If space is limited, consider purchasing the durable and reliable desktop printers. These are well suited for applications that require only low to medium volume printing, and are very easy to use, with a wide range of business solutions. These are generally used to print patient ID bracelets, price tags, shipping and packaging labels, evidence tags, asset labels for inventory purposes, and even visitor ID badges.

The recent addition of card printers to their already versatile range of printing solutions has broadened their business customer base into the evolving world of internal and external security solutions. By offering a higher quality, lower cost, and excellent technical support, Zebra offers its customers the ability to exert full control over the security of their business by printing their own security access cards.

The printers come in either monochrome or full color applications, and offer Ethernet connectivity, smart card and magnetic stripe encoding ability. There is even accessories for lamination to make it a one-stop security wonder. With the proper software, a business can create employee identification cards, security keycards, membership cards, gift cards, payment cards and even driver's licenses with these wonderful machines.

In terms of security and access control, there is no equal in the business. By creating your own passes and keycards, you can limit visitor security access to any area, perfect for everyone from manufacturing to daycare facilities.

No matter your printing needs, Zebra has the printer for you. Whether you need portable printers for use in retail on the sales floor for price changes, or a free standing high speed barcode printer for inventory control purposes, you can find no better quality machine than those that Zebra has to offer, hands down.

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