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Your CV is crucial to your career opportunities

Press release June 10, 2013 Education

Structure, contents, education and references are basic elements in a good CV, but what is the employer looking at when recruiting new employees?

When seeking new career opportunities or considering uploading your CV and job profile on the Internet's many job databases, you should be aware of some fundamental elements. Your "market value" depends on the quality of your CV. It has to be composed professionally, making the structure the connecting thread, and it has to contain good references as well as recognised education.

PROBANA Business School wants to strengthen your CV and increase your "market value", placing you in a strong position next time you face a performance review, a salary focused interview, or when seeking new career opportunities.  PROBANA - LinkedIn -

If you want your job profile to appear in the top 10 results when searching in job databases, it requires knowledge and insight into how you are able to strengthen your CV. First of all, you need to have good references from previous employers, as such references have high credibility and are attached great importance when companies recruit new employees. Furthermore, you need to possess the qualifications that match the company's requirements. You may have obtained these qualifications through previous jobs or education. Whether you are working or unemployed, supplementary education is an unique opportunity and great way for you to enhance your job profile. PROBANA - LinkedIn -

Take action today and stand out from other job-hunters.

PROBANA Business School is specialised in supplementary education and offers a wide range of programmes, both to the private and public sector. The programmes focus on subjects such as Management, HR, communication, business psychology and much more.

PROBANA Business School's programmes are designed with one clear goal in mind; to strengthen your career and provide you with usable knowledge and tools.

When participating in supplementary training, you also exude extra energy, commitment and willingness to invest in your future. It emphasises that you strive to become a more attractive employee, who eventually is able to contribute to a better performance of a certain company.

PROBANA Business School has developed a flexible programme to individuals, who want to accelerate their career without putting family or job on hold. The recognised programmes at PROBANA, including MasterClass in communication, business psychology and HRM, have the common feature that they are composed in a way that enables you to study when and where you want.

This type of education has become very popular, which makes PROBANA Business School the most desirable supplier of supplementary education, and PROBANA strives to make the programmes highly valuable to the individual student. PROBANA - LinkedIn -

PROBANA Business School's programmes covers a wide spectrum of subjects, which are relevant to all managers, employees, consultants, economists etc. at all levels.

As a participant, you will obtain thorough theoretical knowledge, as well as insight into the latest tendencies within HRM, strategy, communication, business psychology, organisation development etc. Thus, you will be able to strengthen your job profile and stand out from other job-hunters by participating in one of the programmes at PROBANA Business School.

If you are interested in further information on the programmes at PROBANA Business School, please contact one of our consultants at [email protected] or by telephone 0045 45 76 58 58.

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