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Will Atlantis Luft be the name of Lufthansa’s new LH A380?

Press release March 23, 2010 Tourism

Lufthansa is known worldwide for its reliability and strength when it comes to aircraft services.

Lufthansa is known worldwide for its reliability and strength when it comes to aircraft services. Lufthansa is one of the largest airlines in Europe in terms of the most number of passengers carried successfully and safely to their respective destinations. Lufthansa has been flying the skies of Europe and over 410 worldwide destinations for several decades now and was able to withstand natural and manmade calamities such as the World War II. It has remained steadfast and has been patronized by millions of loyal customers despite the rise of several newcomers in the aviation industry.

Now, after years and years of excellent airline services, Lufthansa is going to add another aircraft to its 530 in-good-condition aircrafts flying all over the world independently or in partnership with other international airlines for passenger transfer. The latest LH A380 is the newest member of the Lufthansa aircraft family. It has the capacity to fly a total of 550 passengers from the first and business class including the economy class. Lufthansa allocated a handsome amount to deliver the best and most impressive airline services their clients deserve.

Part of this modernization efforts include the improvement of their waiting areas and lounges including the HON or Senator Lounge where status passengers can wait for their flights. The waiting areas of Lufthansa airlines in Frankfurt were made even more airy, roomy, and spacious with all the first-class amenities businessmen, tourists, and other travelers would surely love. These amenities include workstations with wireless Internet connection, comfortable lounges, and large cafes serving sumptuous light snacks and drinks.

To go with these fascinating improvements, Lufthansa is soliciting opinion from their loyal customers to help them name their newest and biggest aircraft, the A380. Some of the airplane names suggested were LuftTHEIA, Atlantis Luft, and LuftZILLA. You can take part in this significant airline event by voting for the airline name that you think describes A380 the best. If you think Atlantis Luft should be the aircraft name of Lufthansa’s latest aircraft, visit their website and vote for it now.

Vote for LuftTHEIA , Atlantis Luft , or LuftZILLA as the name for Lufthansa’s new aircraft addition and win exciting prices.