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Why You Need a Water Rower Today -- Top Benefits of Rowing Machines

Press release July 27, 2010 Sport

One of the best exercise equipments that you can have today is the water rower.

One of the best exercise equipments that you can have today is the water rower.  Unfortunately, most people do not think about rowing machines when they decide to buy home exercise equipments.  Most often than not, they will immediately look for other stationary fitness equipments like stationary bikes or treadmills.  This is a huge mistake because stationary rowing equipment can provide more benefits than any other kind of exercise machine.  To emphasize this point, here are the major benefits that you can enjoy from a home rower. 

First of all, rowing machines offer you the opportunity to perform high impact exercises without experiencing extreme difficulty.  High impact exercises are crucial in pumping up your metabolism so that you can achieve optimum fats and calorie burning.  When you perform high impact exercises, you are required to accomplish jarring routines and faster movements which can be very exhausting.  If you have a water rower, you will enjoy the benefits of high impact exercises without torturing yourself with punishing routines.  In fact, these rowers can be fun because you can listen to your favorite music or watch television while finishing a session. 

Second, rowing machines can provide full body exercise which is essential to achieve a balanced workout.  A water rower targets upper body and lower body muscles.  This is substantially better compared to other stationary exercise equipments that focus primarily on lower body muscles.  The full body routine starts at the legs and pelvis when you push forward.  When you reverse the rowing movement, you will be able to work out your arms, back, shoulders, buttocks, and abs.  The corresponding sliding movements when you row strengthen your lower back muscles, middle section, and the muscles around the hips.  You will perform all these motions again and again for several minutes.  At the end of your session with the home rower, you will be able to work out almost all muscle groups of your body.  That is why rowing equipment can effectively tone your body muscles in just a short period. 

Lastly, rowing machines have been proven highly effective for losing excess body fats.  The amount of calories that you can burn on a water rower is higher compared to other stationary exercise machines.  A water rower therefore is not only ideal for muscle toning.  It is your best equipment that will help you to lose weight faster.  Most important of all, a rowing exercise machine will enable you to workout much longer.  That is because you will not easily get tired with each session due to the absence of jarring movements.  So it is possible to extend your workout period so that you can burn more fats and further boost your metabolism. 

So if you are looking for the perfect home exercise equipment, rowing machines are best for you.  These machines provide far superior benefits than other stationary exercise equipments.  It is the most suitable exercise machine for muscle toning, fat loss, and strength training.  These are the reasons why you need to have a water rowing machine if you are serious about your workout. 

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