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ViVOconcepts Signs ViVOpartner™ Agreement with My CIO Services

Press release October 18, 2009 IT

ViVOpartners™ market the ViVOxe™ Web 2.0, SaaS Modular Portal Solutions to ViVOclients™, allowing for automation of Marketing & Sales related business processes in a secure environment

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL  –  October 17, 2009  –  ViVOconcepts the leader for Web 2.0 Portal Technology, SaaS (Software as a Service), and IT Consulting Services announced that it has entered into a strategic alliance with  My CIO Services  as a ViVOchampion™.

My CIO Services will market the two SaaS versions; ViVOxe Enterprise™ v5.0, which manages all Marketing & Sales activities, creating a very efficient horizontal end-to-end solution for companies.  ViVOxe Studio™ enables companies to implement all the features of the Enterprise edition on a Per-Module-Basis, which can be deployed quickly, at low-cost, and integrated with their legacy systems and databases. 

“We are delighted that My CIO Services has joined us as a ViVOpartner, strengthening our global outreach to new ViVOclients™.  ViVOxe has a long success story – first released in 2000 it has evolved into a powerful portal framework”, said Michael Kettenring, president of ViVOconcepts.  “Our ViVOpartners position ViVOxe to help companies increase the ROI of their marketing programs dramatically; as it makes budgets and conversion rates transparent to management, allowing for every marketing dollar to be spent wisely,” Kettenring concluded.

“We are very pleased to become a ViVOchampion!  Having worked on many platforms and within many industries as a change agent and technology strategist, we believe ViVOconcepts has developed a unique platform for companies to easily and cost effectively step into Web 2.0, Marketing 2.0” said Marnie Barrett, vice president of My CIO Services.

ViVOxe™ Portal Solutions are developed with one core objective in mind: to be the most effective Marketing & Sales frontend web application for any enterprise.  This system provides our high-performance clients with features that include; sales & marketing automation, demand generation, dynamic lead scoring, and organic lead nurturing.  ViVOxe™ is based on a Web Oriented Architecture (WOA) that utilizes lightweight web technologies such as HTML, HTTP and XML.  This modular architecture allows ViVOclients to easily launch Web 2.0 applications, addressing marketing and sales related business requirements in a secure environment.

About ViVOconcepts

Founded in 1996, ViVOconcepts is a global leader in the development and deployment of scalable, Portal Technology & IT Consulting Services.  Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, with a branch office in Muenchen Germany, ViVOconcepts provides sales & support coverage in all major world markets.  In line with the end of the Dot-com Bubble of 1999, ViVOconcepts increasingly engaged in Web Technologies, mainly managing and resolving the IT crises of clients stranded with partially deployed or troubled web applications.  ViVOconcepts’ core competency is to provide its clients with innovative and robust sales & marketing solutions, which adapt quickly to ever-evolving business environments.

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About My CIO Services

My CIO Services provides expert industry knowledge on strategies that help improve customer services, expand markets and upgrade technology platforms to achieve optimum market penetration and measurable results.  The company works on both internal and external projects while guiding organizations on marketing, business, technology and value-add investments that produce results.  Located in Boca Raton Florida USA, My CIO Services focuses primarily on SMB’s.

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