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Press release January 25, 2010 IT

U.S. Branding Group, LLC announced today the official launch of their USB Insert™.


Palm Beach, FL – West Palm Beach based company U.S. Branding Group, LLC announced today the official launch of their USB Insert™.  USB Insert™ is a breakthrough new product that integrates a detachable USB web key into magazine ad inserts, brochures, mailers and collateral. The web key automatically routes readers to a company website, online promotion, compliance info, e-catalog or more - where they can continue to learn, experience and buy.

“Print is not dead”, said Rich Butler, President and Managing Director of the South Florida based technology and promotions company.  “USB Insert™ is a breakthrough new innovation in online marketing.  Now companies will be able to drive consumers to their websites painlessly and effortlessly, without the need to memorize lengthy URLs”.

The USB Insert™ web key is essentially a routing device. Beyond the relatively minimal info programmed into the key so that it can instantly route users to online destinations, the key contains little content. In fact, it has no content storage capacity. This contrasts with the pricier "memory sticks" and "flash drives".

According to Butler, what's makes USB Insert™ special is the custom detachable, die-cut cardboard holder onto which the web key is integrated.  This enables unlimited customization in terms of shape, color, graphics and logo, without the high custom plastic molding costs. It makes a web key affordable as a mass media vehicle. The consumer sees only a small portion of the web key extending from the custom cover - just enough to plug into their USB port. The cover and key together read as a single, integrated piece.  

USB Insert™ provides unique integrated tracking codes, which can then report visits using standard analytics packages, including Google Analytics, PURLs and other direct mail software.  USB Insert™ is compatible with Windows based operating systems and, for the first time, MAC computers.

ABOUT US BRANDING GROUP, LLC:  The USB Insert™, available through a worldwide patent, is brought to you by US Branding Group, LLC, a leading global innovator, creator, marketer and manufacturer of technology driven promotional and custom branded retail products with offices in South Florida, Asia and the UK. Members of The USB Group have been engaged in the promotional products, technology and retail industries for decades and have teamed up to provide the latest breakthroughs and innovations for the next generation of promotional and retail branded products.

For more information about USB Insert™, contact:  [email protected] or contact: Cory Williams, Director of Technology & Product Development, phone:  561-966-8070 or [email protected].