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Understand Your Employees

Press release November 15, 2013

Flexible education and training is a crucial necessity for business managers and employees. It is important that we continuously sharpen our skills in order to be able to compete on a market that is constantly undergoing change and development.

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Employees in any organisation have certain expectations and requirements to their workplace and their boss. In a market demanding a high degree of adaptability and flexibility, it is crucial for a manager to realise how their way of managing affects the employees.

With the right managing skills, you can create successful employees who thrive under constantly changing conditions, as a consequence of globalisation.

During the economic boom, we have been surfing on an economic wave where everything was going well and where the results came easier to us than in the past. In the last few years, however, numerous companies and employees have succumbed to the enormous market pressure, both internally and externally. Could this have been avoided? The answer is a resounding YES!

Business failures, higher stress rates, poor communication, declining profits and, in worst case, redundancies and bankruptcies have been a part of daily businesses for some companies. Employees in these companies have therefore been exposed to a new and different kind of pressure than earlier. When things are going bad in your company, you must stand together and not create conflicts, although frustrations and emotions are running high. As manager, you can prepare yourself and your employees for these situations by obtaining a better understanding of the employee's situation and the problems they face. The company's manager and employees may, by means of several psychology, communication and management tools, become dressed to handle these situations in a way that will create value for the company. 

Being a manager is therefore no longer merely a question of generating high production and turnover, but also a question of being able to understand the underlying psychological and personal factors in the company. Only this way, work environment and efficiency will form a synthesis and create inestimable value for the company and its employees.

The modern employee of 2013 requires responsibility and a certain degree of autonomy. However, they still require a manager who is visible and strong and understands the needs of the individual.

Give your company and yourself a head start with a flexible training programme, based on the latest theories and methods within psychology, communication, HRand management.

The curriculum and the exams are available via e-learning, making the education completely flexible, as the participants can independently decide when they want to study the theories. Additionally, participants resided in Denmark have the opportunity to participate in a number of course days under the guidance of experienced business professionals within the given educational area. This allows the students to ask questions and gain a greater insight into how they can best implement the things they have learned during the training programme in their own everyday lives, whether this be privately or professionally.

Some of the topics introduced at PROBANA's educations are change management, conflict resolution, communication, project management, value-oriented management, coaching, Lean and much, much more.

If you are curious, you are welcome to read more about all of PROBANA Business School's educations here: