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Two Former United States Marines Lanching new website VIPSx.NET on the 4th of July!

Press release July 3, 2009 Business

A Place for your Avatar Connection for Gamers and Virtual Reality Businesses


VIPSX.NET is an interactive on-line social networking community that allows members to interact with Virtual Reality Businesses, Clubs, Organizations and  other Gamers on line.

VIPSX.NET was created and founded by JC Scott and PK MaGee who wanted to create an on-line community for Gamers and VR Service providers to interact across virtual reality game worlds. A place  where members can find  new people to challenge  and play with and against  no matter what the game.
 VIPSXNET is a acronym
V= Virtual Reality  I = Interactive  P = Program S = Social X = eXchange
NET =  Network
JC Scott is a Gamer and Computer professional with over 20 yrs experience in Network Engineering, Internet Installation, and Computer Support.  He has worked on Government Educational and Medical contracts and in the residential market.
PK MaGee is a Social Gamer. She has worked for the State Government of Idaho. She has served in numerous organizations.  She was honored with the award of Women Making History in Idaho also has done research in how students learn math on the computer as a undergraduate at Boise State University.
Both JC and PK are veterans of the United States Marine Corps. and work with veterans charities Just a note VIPSxNet was formed on the internet using the resourses available the planning, business details, and banking.  In fact John and Pam have never met in person. VIPSxNet is totally aabout Virtual Reality!
J.C. Scott 

P.K. MaGee

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