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Trading Places World Inc. Enjoys Successful Launch

Press release September 15, 2009 Business

Expectations were far exceeded...

Trading Places World Inc. officially launched on Sept. 9, 2009 with much fanfare and success. Touted as the newest 2x2 matrix in the MLM Industry, TPW’s expectations have been largely surpassed. 

Cinnaminson, NJ, August 15, 2009: Trading Places World Inc., after a long and arduous journey of making changes within their company structure, product and compensation plan, has become the first and only fully legal money making opportunity of its kind. 

Trading Places World Inc. enjoys great success within the Home Based Business Arena.   
As an Independent Representative of Trading Places World, Mark Pappas has watched vigilantly as Trading Places World Inc. has made the necessary changes to become a viable contender as a Home Business Model. Asked if he thought Trading Places World was in for the long haul, Mark Pappas, head of Optimum Wealth Builders states, “After having seen multitudes of companies come and go, I know first hand that Trading Places World had taken the time and care to achieve the company that Trading Places World has become, a fully equipped, product and opportunity driven company with first class live customer service. Pappas goes on to say, “You must be there for your customers, employees and reps if you expect to be in the game for very long.

Among some of the top tier principles of Trading Places World are Myno Tayloe, founder and CEO, Jon King the mastermind behind the database software and customer support and Peter Woolfington, responsible for the product, a Digital Success Library with lifetime access for all Trading Places World distributors. 

Upon visiting one of the many live events hosted by Trading Places World Inc., CEO Myno stated emphatically that “Trading Places World Inc. was here to stay and anyone wanting to make a positive change in their life is welcome and in fact will be treated as not just a distributor but part of the Trading Places World family”. A welcome sentiment at a time when no one’s future is certain. 

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