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Three questions to ask yourself if you want to be successful in today's economy

Press release November 11, 2013

Today, it is no longer enough to simply work harder, sell more or work longer hours. If you want to survive in today's challenging economy, it is necessary to change the way you do business. Ask yourself the following three questions to evaluate the current situation and adapt your company to the economic climate.

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What is the situation?  Remember that in an economic climate where large companies succumb, trust, credibility and relationships are the new competition parameters.

Who is affected?  Consider what your customers, potential customers and employees need in the new economic climate.

How can you help?  Determine what you can offer that is unique - it may be innovative products, a differentiated price structure or a new way to create connections.

It is important to constantly be aware of developing your skills, especially in a competitive market, where only the toughest will survive.  PROBANA Business School offers one of Denmark's leading management educations, the Mini MBA, which takes your professional skills to a new level and hereby help you achieve your personal and company goals and create better results.  This education enhances your management skills, and since good management is crucial for human performances, this education is aimed at you who aspire to improve your skills and hereby achieve a professional lift. If Denmark and Danish companies must cope in the international competition and maintain attractive jobs, the skills and flexibility of the workforce needs to be upgraded.  Otherwise, we will risk losing our position as one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

The Mini MBA is an advanced management development programme with a clear business orientation and adapted to the busy everyday life of business executives. Based on e-learning, the MiniMBA gives you an insight into areas like strategy, organisation, management and market understanding, all in the course of the 10 months duration of the programme.  The clear aim of the education is to strenghten your career as manager, while at the same time, adding value to your company through an enhancement of your skills.

With a Mini MBA, you will set new standards  for your career.