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The story of the spammer who was made a legend

Press release April 29, 2010 IT

“oscittyErrork” was officially declared the first spammer of (a newly launched online business community). Even though the administration wanted to build a living memorial in his honor but the dearth of funds stopped them from doing so.

On 26th of April, online business community at was graced by the appearance of its first spammer under the alias “Mr. oscittyErrork”. Such was the height of his spamming spirits that he just came, he saw and … he spammed. Quite understandably, the community was bamboozled by the determination and the untiring approach of the legend. He knew that this shameless promotion is not going to get him anywhere; he knew nobody is going to buy the scrap he’s trying to sell, he also knew that the thread will be ruthlessly deleted by the moderators without giving it a second thought, but … he did what he was made to do (i.e. spam), so shamelessly that even the most unabashed were shocked.

After the initial shock, disbelief and horror has passed … and the moderators started to regain their senses, they were left with the monumental task of paying homage to the spamming marvel they have just witnessed. Some wanted to launch a separate website in the honor, some felt like dedicating an entire section to the spammer, some even suggested building a monument in front of the office building. In the end it was decided that the legendry thread will be left as it is to serve as a tribute, while a couple of members were so touched that they vowed for naming their babies after the great spammer, who also became the first member to be banned from the forums. In the legendary thread, one of the administrators wrote “All hail oscittyErrork … you are banned but we know you will return in another guise real soon”.

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