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The protector – that UTM security you need!

Press release April 30, 2010 IT

Are you tired of all the risks the Internet presents? Do you want to be secure against different threats, such as computer viruses, Internet spam or various Trojans?

Are you tired of all the risks the Internet presents? Do you want to be secure against different threats, such as computer viruses, Internet spam or various Trojans? If your answer to either of these two questions is yes, then you should definitely keep on reading this article. Find out more information about the protector, your number one protection against any of the threats that were mentioned above. This is perfect for anyone who is looking for UTM security (Unified Threat Management), meaning a complete prevention against spam, viruses and Trojans, not to mention hackers that might try to break into your network.

The Internet is a dynamic environment and there are no limits when it comes to the persons that are using it. If you want to be protected, then you will definitely consider the need for UTM security. The protector is the type of security appliance that is extremely useful, allowing for 100% protection of your network, against spam, viruses and malware. At the same time, it can filter the content downloaded from the web and prevent any intrusion into your network. Even if you are not experienced in working with computers, this doesn’t mean that you cannot use the protector and benefit from firewall UTM. This appliance is easy to install and it can be used without any problems, whether you are experienced or not.

If you have decided to purchase and install the UTM appliance, then you should know that all it takes is to plug two cables in the computer, one from the Internet and the other from the local LAN. As UTM security will guarantee your peace, you will never have to think about the word spam, forgetting all about computer viruses. The firewall UTM is equipped with the latest technology against computer spam, being able to block even the nastiest attacks from various IP addresses. It is really efficient, delivering the expected results in all situations. This includes hacker attacks, worms, Trojans – basically anything that constitutes as an intrusion to your network.

Your network, without any security means, is prone to attacks of all kinds. With the UTM appliance, such problems will no longer exist. The entire content that enters your network will be filtered; moreover, you can block the P2P traffic, so your employees only use work-related programs. There are many options that the UTM security appliance delivers and it would be a shame not to take your time to discover all of them. With so many threats hanging just around the corner, it might not be such a bad idea to control your network and protect it with the firewall UTM.

With the protector, you get the kind of UTM appliance that guarantees the protection you need. It will stop spam, prevent spyware from entering your computer and you will never have to trouble yourself with computer viruses. So, there you have it. These are the main features that you get with the protector, your UTM security: anti spam, antivirus, web filter, spam filter and anti hacker. The UTM appliance protects your network against intrusions of all sorts and it can also be used to select only certain activities for a computer (P2P traffic).

UTM security is guaranteed by the protector, the best UTM appliance on the market. Make sure you pay us a visit and discover what firewall UTM actually refers to. You know you need it!