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The Importance of Craps Chart and How It Will Help You

Press release April 26, 2010 Young

There are some people who are reluctant to play Craps. They say that the game is intimidating because the betting systems and the table layout look very complicated.

:  There are some people who are reluctant to play Craps.  They say that the game is intimidating because the betting systems and the table layout look very complicated.  Well, it is quite true that Craps is a bit confusing especially for non-veteran casino players.  Even if you are using online casino software, the Craps tables will still look very complicated.  That is why it is important to use a Craps chart if you are still new to the game.  Charts provide valuable hints and information about the different types of bets, odds, house edge, and possible number combinations.  By using charts, you can improve your confidence when playing Craps.  

If you are total newbie, it is generally advisable to start playing Craps in an online casino.  You have to understand that live craps is a fast paced game.  No one will wait for you to make a bet and no one will try to explain to you how you should place your bets.  But if you play online, then you can take your time before you roll the dice.  This is the reason why a Craps chart is more effective if you play online.  You will be able to consult your chart and understand the odds and bets.  No one will prod you to keep up with the game because in an online game, you have the table by yourself.

To get you started, you should look for a simple reference Craps chart.  A good reference chart will indicate the types of bets you can make and the amount of money you can win from each bet.  This kind of chart will also indicate the house edge for each bet and how you can win from a bet.  If you play in live casinos, the usefulness of a reference chart for Craps can be diminished because you will be pressed for time to make a bet and roll the dice.  There is a need therefore to practice in an online casino so that you can maximize the value of your reference chart. Once you grasped the essential betting systems and Craps odds, then you will slowly gain more confidence in playing live Craps. 

Aside from the basic reference Craps chart, you should also look for specialized charts that will show you the possible combinations for each Craps number.  When playing Craps, you are required to throw two dice.  This means that the numbers from two to twelve have several dice combinations.  For instance, the numbers two and twelve are the least likely to appear because there is only one possible combination for each number.  On the other hand, the most likely number that you can roll is seven.  This is because there are 6 possible dice combinations for this number. 

By understanding the different dice combinations, you will be able to know the odds for each number.  This will give you a good idea on how to choose the best numbers that will appear most often.  It will take time to grasp these combinations. That is why you should start playing Craps in an online casino in order to avoid the pressure of live games.  

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