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Press release September 19, 2009 Lifestyle

The original Hite Report (Published 1976), used vast research to show that most women can easily reach orgasm (even if they don’t reach orgasm via intercourse),via clitoral stimulation. A third Hite Report (published by Alfred Knopf in 1987) showed that negative stereotypes about women in love damage everyone.

The Hite Report on Television (offered at Mipcom 2009)

Shere Hite

I am fed up with the sexual atmosphere today (shades of 1960's laddishness) and want to speak up, perhaps wake people up. It may be useful to talk about what is going on today! Therefore...

both women and men today, to find out where things are at and uncover people's hopes and dreams for the future.

Women may be like Sleeping Beauties who, after the struggles of the 1970's women's movement (now everyone believes in 'equality'), are taking a well-deserved break; but now with men they may be ready to re-draw the lines of equality in sex, end the dominance of the ritual repetition of 'insert a into b' with its subtle body messages.

Boys, on the other hand, often write that they think their penis is not as large as that of the grown men around them, seen on pornographic websites, so they feel inadequate.  They need to know that for women to reach orgasm, penis size is not an issue!

Sex and the body are central to the new, emerging equality. After all, the hotly debated issue of abortion rights stands for sex and issues of the body, though most people are too shy to say so.

Both women and men now are floundering in a sea of misinformation (think of the high teenage pregnancy rate, the lame attempts at sex education, and media stories re 'viagra' and 'the g-spot').

We need sex information on television -- not just pornography with women's voices deleted.  Sex doesn't have to mean 'the act' -- which doesn't generally lead to orgasm in women despite stereotypes that 'any woman can do it' or that 'women today are sexually free' -- it can mean a new personal way of listening to the body of the other person and following where this leads, rather than the mechanical following of a script for 'perfect performance' that takes us, as with an unspoken hand, to intercourse with male orgasm as its high point. 

This does not mean, of course, that women don't like intercourse, even if they don't orgasm that way. Things have changed in that, while it is true that a woman's desire for 'sex'/intercourse is more legitimized than in the past (although many sex partners for women are still frowned on, and while 'virginity' is still praised in girls -- though not in boys), in other ways there is little equality; one of the most basic relates to the specifics of what goes on in sex: the stimulation men use to reach orgasm (usually intercourse) is praised, but the stimulation women need is given short shrift, not glorified (whoever heard of clitoral stimulation -- is this a word?!)  Women are expected to adapt their bodies to intercourse if they wish to reach orgasm -- but this is not possible for most women, so the definition of sex contains a fundamental inequality, leaving women to pretend and 'hope he doesn't ask.' However, just as it was a shock for many to learn that women receive only 20-30% of the money men do in Europe [according to European Union statistics], so it will be a shock for many to learn that women are not sexually equal either.

Although today's 'new women' are supposed to 'want it too' [this idea causes a desire to flee and return to 'purity'] and 'get orgasm like a man' with 'no inhibitions -- women are liberated now' -- in the midst of this, we must ask: if the new woman is 'more like a man', why shouldn't men become more like women (orgasm is not so important since 'you can always have it by yourself later'?).  While in pornography women moan and groan and spread their legs wide apart, most women don't reach orgasm this way (but give a good impression of it); most women hold their legs together and massage their clitoral area (pubic mound) when alone to orgasm, moaning softly but not screaming.  Despite commercial toys and vibrators shaped like dildoes, most women do not penetrate themselves to reach orgasm. 

Can women today integrate their orgasms into sex with men?  This is a tall order, but hopefully women and men are moving forward with this; there is no need to follow the traditional scenario.  Let's shift the focus during sex from male orgasm to female orgasm, half and half.  Let's do it with this program on television.

Many men say that they have two sex lives: masturbating alone to orgasm (the strongest orgasm for most), and having sex to orgasm with their partners. Do men want to integrate these two sex lives?  Why are men so identified with intercourse, why is it their goal -- can men change their thinking, do they want to? I believe in sexual change; we can do it.

Sex is central to women's equality.  Along with money, sex and the body are the basic issues facing women and men; abortion has become a hot-button issue because it stands for sex and the body, which 'cannot' be discussed. There is a fundamental inequality in sex: while most men reach orgasm every time, many women do not (the famous 'difficulty for women' reaching orgasm).  While as women, we have tended to follow men's lead in what to do with our bodies during sex,  but now we should strike out on our own -- not think that sex is predetermined to be 'insert a into b.' [Yes intercourse can lead to reproduction, but don't most of us use birth control?]  Courage will be and is being demonstrated by those women and men who choose to make sex whatever they like, not following the unwritten script we all learned.  Women everywhere, perhaps especially young women today, are in process of changing society's traditional view of women and female sexuality; for women to move ahead, sex and body language must change, as well as the money women earn.  Sex is still unequal, but it is changing.

That's why we needThe Hite Report on Television-- as basic sex education and to compete with internet pornography, as well as provide ideas for a new kind of sex. 

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