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The 31 Days of Corn

Press release July 31, 2009 Food & Wine

Cooking Fresh LLC,, is your online personal chef - for the month of August we will blog about 31 ways to use fresh corn.

For Immediate Release

July 31, 2009

Cooking Fresh would like to announce The 31 Days of Corn.  Please check out our blog on WordPress, on cookingfresh's profile on or on the site.  A resident of the Hoosier State, Chef Ahren is a big fan of one of our best crops - sweet corn.  Every day in August we will present a recipe to highlight corn in a stand-alone dish or highlighted as a key supporting player.

The Cooking Fresh website was launched in July of 2009 to compliment our Personal Chef service in Indianapolis.   We offer several subscription options for weeknight meal plans tailored to your lifestyle.  Including our unique service via TwitPub - Fresh Daily Dish - designed for the truly time challenged we deliver a daily set of 3 Tweets (or less) with the ingredients and instructions on how to pull off a fresh dinner on a moment's notice.  Each week we post new and tested recipes we think are great to share over the weekend with friends and family, and of course blog content about what Chef Ahren is cooking.

Cooking Fresh's mission is to help you get back more time for you, while enjoying a more varied and healthy diet; and save time, stress and money in your kitchen.  Chef Ahren started her career in the Restaurant business and then spent the last decade plus as a sales representative in the Technology business and has blended the lessons she learned in each to offer menu planning services to help you make the most of dinnertime.

Our motto is "fresh is best, we make it easy" and we give you the tools to take advantage of fresh ingredients, shop more effectively without stranding ingredients, and prepare quick and easy weeknight dinners.  We help bring back dinner as a time to catch up with your friends and family eliminating the stress of "what's for dinner tonight!".

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