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Tame that EGO, Tame that EGO

Press release August 27, 2009

EGOs, like nuclear bombs, are monstrosities capable of extreme mass destruction. And which has actually levied the most catastrophe on human lives, families, and civilizations?

EGO, according to the popular author, Wayne Dyer, is defined as, "Edging God Out!" But EGO is more that edging God Out; it’s also Erasing Goodness Out, Erasing Gratitude Out, Erasing Giving Out, Erasing Gladness Out, Erasing Graciousness Out, Erasing Gallantry Out, and Erasing Love Out, for God is Love.

Deal with it! God created the Heavens and the earth; and each person is a child of God. We’re here on this planet for a short time in order to have the opportunity to choose good over evil. Conceit is one of the greatest evils because conceit [EGO] knows no god greater than self. The Devil and his hosts also know no god greater than themselves. Gods and devils are eternal persons evolved from the choices they have made throughout their developing existence.

What can you, me, and families do about our EGOs? What is an effective remedy against EGOs? Important Development: Introducing the New Millennial breakthrough that attacks and tames EGOs (aptly referred to as Inner-Monsters, or Wild Inner-Tigers). This American breakthrough that tames EGOs is a simple and amazing game book called "Clichades." The Clichades game book consists of thousands of lovingly selected fun cliches and real life expressions [depictions]. Playing Clichades lightens up and tames egotistical thinking, feelings, and imagination. Playing Clichades also helps create mutual respect, fun listening skills, influential self-expression skills, bridges generation gaps, strengthens emotional sensibilities, sharpens conscience, increases smiling & laughter, and deepens family and friend’s relationships. Playing Clichades has more benefits than playing a country western song backwards.

Clichades fits all group sizes. Ages 8 thru 107. You can play for minutes or hours.

Clichades game books are now available at: & AMAZON.COM