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Press release October 21, 2013 Education

Talent is one of the most important resources of the 21st century. Without systematic development of more and skillful talents, Denmark, as well as other countries, will most likely experience a decrease in their competitiveness.

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Fast growing economies like Singapore, South Korea and China have already launched national talent strategies in the recognition that tomorrow's talents are the key to the country's growth potential. These countries already have a high growth rate, but without a new and wide generation of talents and specialised knowledge employees, they will not be able to maintain this prosperity in the future.

The companies which have the strongest company brands and can offer attractive talent development programmes are more likely to recruit exactly those new employees who can help the company increase growth and competitiveness.

PROBANA offers the Mini MBA programme which contains a wide range of relevant aspects within the fields of management, human relations, business development, strategy, communication,and much more. The curriculum is available from an online learning platform and is hereby accessible from anywhere and at any time. Hereby, the participants have the ultimate freedom to choose when they want to study - on the train, at work, on the couch or in the summer house. This freedom is essential if you wish to make a full-time job go hand in hand with the desire for further education.

If you wish to learn more about PROBANA's Mini MBA education, please click here.