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Sugar industry affected by increase in import and shifting weather patterns

Press release August 25, 2014 Sugar producers, sugar producing companies

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The outlook for the overall global sugar economy does not look great. Starting from the Indian sugar industry to the South African sugar producing companies, none of the sectors is financially stable. The South African market is already concerned as it is losing USD 4.6 million every month due to imports from the world market undercutting domestic prices. Furthermore, the industry values these imports below the cost of production, yet it is exporting at the global rates. These factors mean that prices remain under pressure in the developing markets despite the change in fundamentals such as global stocks and increased consumption levels.

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Surplus of sugar production coming to an end

Finally, after three straight years of surplus production, the sugar market is finally heading towards a balance and even deficit of sugar in the next season mainly due to the adverse weather in Brazil and Asia, higher demand in China and steady growth in consumption. The International Sugar Organization (ISO) this month said a more balanced sugar market would likely emerge in 2014-15 after global surpluses in 2012-13 and 2013-14.

In terms of demand, market experts predict that sugar imports by China have consistently crossed expectations due to high domestic prices, affecting the world surpluses to a great extent. The country is currently leading importer of raw sugar.

Furthermore, the global sugar consumption is set to rise by 2.2 to 2.5% driven by Asia’s growing economies, which have shifted the surplus in global sugar industry to that of a balanced one. Assuming that the average growth in global sugar demand to be at the level of 4 million tons annually, there is still no considerable increase in the production level, giving birth to the deficit levels. However, despite these concerns, the ISO has forecasted that by October 2014, the world stock would be as high as 80 million tons or more than 45% of annual global use of sugar.

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Sugar producers, sugar producing companies