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Successful Danish software startup partners with Avid Technology to deliver improved workflows and automation

Press release April 27, 2022 Erhverv DIGITAL Iværksætter STRATEGISK PARTNERSKAB Integration

The Danish tech startup SoundFlow, which delivers software to Hollywood and the top of the international film and music industry, enters into a strategic partnership with industry giant Avid Technology, to deliver improved workflows to its worldwide user base.

The Danish workflow software SoundFlow, which is used on the biggest Hollywood films and by the world's most talented music producers – customers include Apple, Spotify, NBC / Universal, Warner Bros, Sony Pictures and many of the biggest players in the music industry – is now making it official by collaborating with one of the major tech players in the industry.

SoundFlow, which has developed a groundbreaking workflow platform for the film and music industry, is today entering into a strategic partnership with Avid Technology.

Avid creates the digital audio and video technology used to make the most listened to, most watched and most loved media in the world – from the most prestigious and award-winning feature films, music recordings, television shows, live concert tours and news broadcasts, to music and movies made at home.

SoundFlow has developed a solution for Pro Tools that enables sound editors, mixers, music producers and others who work professionally with sound to automate tedious, repetitive workflows so they can not only get things done faster, but more importantly focus more on the creative process.

SoundFlow's software is used today by thousands of professionals in over 60 countries – but there has long been a desire to reach an even wider audience. The collaboration with Avid finally makes this possible.

"It's a dream come true," says Christian Munk Scheuer, SoundFlow's Danish founder and CEO.

“Since I wrote the first line of code 11 years ago, through the launch of our first product in 2017 and after every single release since, people have always asked us if we shouldn’t make an official collaboration with Avid. We have noticed how warmly SoundFlow has been received all over the world, and how much of a difference it makes to our customers in their everyday lives. Many of them say that they save 20-30% of their time every single day and that it makes them happier with their work. Therefore, it is a natural next step to enter into this partnership with Avid, so that we can share SoundFlow with even more people and expand the global community of creatives we have fostered over the last 5 years ”.

With the partnership, SoundFlow and Avid are launching a new product, SoundFlow Cloud Avid Edition, which is free to use for all Pro Tools Flex annual subscribers.

It has a wide range of SoundFlow's basic features that can be used to optimize workflows – and at the same time, the annual Flex subscribers get access to an extended 90-day free trial of SoundFlow's full product – SoundFlow Cloud Pro.

The products can be accessed today


The journey towards global success began in 2011, when Christian Scheuer started at the National Film School of Denmark as a sound design student, and quickly became frustrated with how much of the work of making sound for films involved boring, repetitive tasks. It was far from the dream of working in a creative profession.

He began developing a small piece of software for his own use that helped make some of these tedious actions a little easier.

6 years later, the hobby project had become a product, and the first version of SoundFlow was launched in April 2017. And here, in the anniversary month 5 years later, it has become a worldwide success, cemented through the partnership with Avid.

“Professional sound design and post production work in the film industry today is being squeezed from all directions – by shrinking budgets, shorter deadlines and higher demands on the end product. When the pressure increases, time isn’t lost from the technical, repetitive work, because there will always be some minimum requirements for the technical aspects – but what we lose is the opportunity and time to work creatively. By helping to carry out the technical work faster and more smoothly, we give the sound designers time to create original material, to develop better and more engaging experiences for the audience, and to get the joy back in their daily work. The music industry has been under the same pressures for years and all music professionals can benefit from the time savings and have more time to concentrate on the art.”




Erhverv DIGITAL Iværksætter STRATEGISK PARTNERSKAB Integration