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Strips off for FHM!

Press release July 11, 2013 Lifestyle

The model Barbara Zatler is the sexiest woman in the world!


According to FHM magazine she is one of the sexiest women in the world and she has now gained so much popularity that FHM has published her all around the world! She has just shot for FHM once again and will be on the cover! Maybe you remember her from FHM USA where she blogged about her life in the fast lane. 

The Playboy model has gained the title as international playmate at lightning speed. The world has taken in the beauty with open arms. 

But it is not only the magazines that wishes to see her, also the TV stations wants her. She has just finished filming Celebrity Masterchef and will start filming another TV show in a few weeks. 

Barbara has revealed on her social media that she will take a tour from L.A., Miami to New York where she has some work lined up for her. 

She says that "it is time to take on the world for good! So here I come!"