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Skilled leaders become increasingly important for the long-term success of American businesses

Press release December 22, 2014 Business Education Mini MBA Learning Human capital Probana business Development Course Skills

According to an estimation made by The United Nations, human capital today accounts for 78% of the value of US productive resources. The need for education is increasingly important, while physical capital such as machinery and software becomes less crucial for the long-term growth of businesses.


As stated by Bloomberg Businessweek: "Although you can always build a bridge or buy a computer, it's almost impossible to make up for the generation that never learned the right skills." Businesses depend on human capital, and the value of human capital critically declines when skills are not kept updated.

A strong education is therefore essential for today's leaders to be successful. But the typical four-year college degrees are not necessarily the best solution. There are several downsides to these long educations. They are often time-consuming, and to people who learn more from hands-on experiences and real-life case solving, the outcome may just not be worth the input.

Instead, shorter and more condensed educational programs are preferred by many as a way of acquiring the skills the new business world requires. With the newer Mini MBA programs that are offered at Probana Business School, it is possible to spend a minimum amount of time acquiring the skills necessary for today's leaders and CEO's.

Probana Business School offers a wide variety of courses in Business Administration, these including leadership, human resources, communication and psychology, and the courses are fitted to the needs of busy career-minded people. The Mini MBA will strengthen your abilities as a manager and enable your business to reach greater results as an effect of your improved competences.

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Business Education Mini MBA Learning Human capital Probana business Development Course Skills