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Press release April 17, 2012 Business

Sharkflip have launched their new website and it is expected to take the website buying and website selling sectors to another level and provide users much needed competition to rival sites.


A new rival has emerged on the website buying, selling and flipping scene in the form of!

Sharkflip is designed to provide individuals that are looking to buy, sell or flip their website with a fantastic platform in which to buy and sell in an auction style format.

They provide all the tools and resources required to easily list for sellers as well as providing an easy search option for potential buyers to find the website they are looking for with minimum effort required.

Sharkflip features a very user-friendly interface that users can research and aquire additional information from. There is a wide range of businesses in many different categories and sectors for sale as well as a greaat search option for buyers to look up their perfect website based on features such as price, revenue, traffic statistics, rankings, Alexa rankings and many more features.

The message and business model of sharkflip is crystal clear; It is simple, addictive and easy to use. Revolutionizing the way website owners can sell and get top dollar for their websites.

Here is a great guide on reasons to buy and sell websites from Sharkflip's Kathy Kennedy;


  1. Don’t have time to devote to it.

  2. It’s costing money and not making money.

  3. Want to go a different direction but spent a lot of time and effort on my website.

  4. Have a great domain name and good traffic, don’t want to waste it.

  5. It’s making money but its taking up to much of my time.

  6. Life Changes have made it difficult for me to work on my website, and monetize it.

  7. My website is doing awesome, I want to make money on it, and start again.



  1. Websites with potential go for as low as a few hundred dollars.

  2. Make more money from home and spend time with your family.

  3. Stop looking for a job and Buy a Website Business for under $1,000 all you need to do is promote it!

  4. Market your website absolutely FREE!

  5. Buying and Flipping Websites for Profit.

  6. Opportunity for Financial Freedom.

  7. Why work hard when you can work smart.

Kathy has also provided the following message for anybody looking for a great service "We have launched a premier online service and plaform in which to buy, sell and flip websites in an auction style format. We are offering free listing fees to the first 1,000 sellers and you can also list as many websites as you like for one full year. For the real Sharkflip pioneers, by this we mean the first 200 listed websites, we will give these VIP's a free featured upgrade saving over $70. Re-listing is also free until the website sells unlike other platforms."

"We invite website sellers to list now! Please visit to start listing. We will be launching a major marketing campaign to buyers through social media, blogs, forums, SEO, PR, PPC, PPM, solo ads, banner ads and more to promote the site to it's maximum potential."

Exciting times ahead for this new website, to get started please visit and for media information please contact Kathy Kennedy via [email protected].