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Sexual Health providers set new challenges in STI care

Press release February 15, 2010 Health

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) have become the most common sexual diseases that are the result of unsafe and unprotected sex.

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) have become the most common sexual diseases that are the result of unsafe and unprotected sex. Various latest STI services have been introduced by experts and health care professionals that help immensely in making aware the patients who are in need of help.

A new effort has been set by various sexual healthcare providers and practitioners by emphasizing on sexually transmitted infections that are the results of unhealthy sexual health. A huge portion of the population gets infected by the sexually transmitted infections (STI). These infections are the result of unprotected sex. With various research and innovations, significant achievements have been observed in STI services in recent years.

Performing safe sex means protecting you and your partner from STIs. A valuable sexual relationship plays a vital role in enhancing the sexual health and well-being. Following the correct sexual health services, screenings and supplies will ensure you to live a longer and healthier life.

Various experts after a huge research and development came to the conclusion that maintaining a good sexual health by following the routine check-ups with your primary care providers, performing self-examinations, using contraceptives like condoms and regularly carrying out HIV and other STI tests will keep you safe and happy.

A sexual health check is carried out by a health practitioner, a doctor or even a nurse working in sexual health center. Family planning clinic are also trying to share this job of doctors.    

A sexually active person is advised to have a regular check-up, the frequency depends on the person’s lifestyle and how often he performs sexual activity.

For women the most effective way to maintain the sexual health is by performing regular gynecological check-up. Every woman should have a yearly test schedule consisting of tests related to pelvic areas, cervical cancer, menstruation, contraception, breast cancer etc.

Apart from these, not all STIs are symptomatically evident and a few are not curable. Hence, going to regular exams, practicing safer sex, and getting tested if you think you are at risk is the safe measure to avoid getting affected by these infections.

The standards that work as guide to all the seekers are covered with all the important aspects of STI from diagnosis to treatment. A distinctive publication for people seeking STI services has been launched, which helps by explaining the quality of care and other factors that are expected.
The management quality of the STI remains consistent across the nation, a recent innovation has been made in the form of clinical network which enables and supports the specialists and health care providers to carry out the primary care activities together.

The high rates of sexual illnesses have led the STI management to adopt various new challenges keeping public health on priority. The key performance indicators should include community or primary care setting, advanced technologies of contact tracing, access to proper medicare treatments and a range of new tests keeping in mind the patients discomfort etc. This recent research is planned to be implemented universally which can immensely help in preventing the re-infections and reducing the transmissions of various sexual diseases and infections.

Accompanied with it, various other innovative plans and schemes are universally implemented to serve patients who are in need of consultancy.

If ever felt like you had unprotected sex consult a doctor or a health care perfectionist and ask about getting tested.

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