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Scandinavian trend: Balance board can eliminate public health threat

Press release March 27, 2017 Get America Standing Balance Board Working position Scandinavian trend US Workforce Sedentary lifestyle Health Back pain Sit-stand desk

Sedentary work is an imminent health threat in society today, and as a result, many Americans suffer from back and neck pain. A new Scandinavian trend, standing on a balance board, improves efficiency and posture while working.

Physically, our bodies are built to move, to hunt and gather berries and firewood, but an active lifestyle is not the norm of modern everyday life. As most of the US workforce has shifted from active manual labor to desk jobs, the once active lifestyle has been replaced by a sedentary one. According to the initiative, Get America Standing, Americans sit for almost 10 hours each day on average.

This causes many challenges as a sedentary lifestyle carries with it an increased risk of contracting a variety of lifestyle diseases. Data shows, that being physically active throughout the day is crucial to your health and it is well documented that sitting increases the risk of contracting a variety of diseases, including diabetes, numerous heart diseases and even cancer.

But now, a new Scandinavian trend may be able to show the Americans how to lead a healthier, less sedentary life. In Scandinavia, 95 percent of sedentary workers have sit-stand desks. However, standing at these can be very uncomfortable. This is also what Gitte Toft, the female inventor of the balance board Steppie, experienced after working several years within the field of office ergonomics. Therefore, she set out to develop the balance board Steppie, with the aim of encouraging movement and making it more enjoyable to stand at sit-stand desks.

Scandinavians move, balance, and stay sharp!

The number of sit-stand desks is rising in the US, and as it does Americans are likely to experience the same discomfort of prolonged standing as the Scandinavians. Steppie has been created to combat this discomfort and allow a better utilization of sit-stand desks. The human body is physically capable of standing comfortably for hours, when positioned in a dynamic and moveable position instead of a standing, static one. The positive effects of getting up on a balance board includes less lower back pain, increased balance, improved posture and a lower risk of heart diseases.

Sedentary work has become an imminent health threat in our society, but by standing on a balance board, you are constantly in motion. And unlike other balance boards that require lots of concentration to use, anyone can use a Steppie, because it tilts in a much more controlled manner, says Carmen Fiordellisi, Marketing Associate, at Victor Tech.

The US is a growth market for Steppie, where the balance board is currently being retailed through Victor Tech. Victor Tech specializes in office articles and are taking responsibility based on the growing awareness of health risks caused by too much sitting, by providing office articles for more active, healthy and productive workplaces.

Steppieis a young business on the rise that develops, produces and sells Steppie Balance Board, which is sold in Scandinavia, Benelux, England, Germany, selected Asian markets, the United States and Australia. Steppie allows a better utilisation of height-adjustable tables in offices and can help reduce sitting time as well as injuries and pain caused by too much 



Get America Standing Balance Board Working position Scandinavian trend US Workforce Sedentary lifestyle Health Back pain Sit-stand desk

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