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Rising Adoption of Structural Heart Devices Market to Fuel Revenue Growth Through 2025

Press release March 11, 2019 Structural Heart Devices Market

Structural heart disease refers to non-coronary cardiovascular disease processes, like heart valve repair and replacement, left atrial appendage (LAA) occlusion,

Structural heart disease refers to non-coronary cardiovascular disease processes, like heart valve repair and replacement, left atrial appendage (LAA) occlusion, heart failure interventional device therapies, and occlusion of ASDs, VSDs and PFOs. From the last 10 years, tremendous growth have been noticed in Structural heart devices market. Most of these procedures are based on catheter and wire manipulation. With increasing population, and growing health awareness among people, the Structural Heart Disease Market is expected to expand at a very high rate.

The structural heart devices market are categorized into the following segments and subsegments: o the basis of product: Heart Valve Devices, Surgical Heart Valves, Transcatheter Heart Valves, Occluders and Delivery Systems, Annuloplasty Rings, Other Devices, Accessories; on the basis of procedure: Replacement Procedures, TAVR Procedures, SAVR Procedures, Repair Procedures, Closure Procedures, Annuloplasty, Valvuloplasty, TMVR Procedures; on the basis of geography: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Rest of the World.

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In every country, the risk of cardiovascular diseases is increasing with the aging of the growing population. Due to pollution and bad living habits, the cardiovascular diseases including structural heart diseases have become leading cause of death, now a days. These factors are the key growth drivers of the Structure Heart Devices Market and will keep taking the market to new heights.

The major restraints include the lack of availability of skilled cardiovascular Interventionist. Another factors include inaccessibility and high cost of devices. These factors are slowing the growth of the market. Whereas the increasing health awareness is helping in the growth of market and also the hospitals are these days following the international standards for these cardiovascular diseases.

Among all the segments, Occluders and Delivery Systems are having the largest market share. With the growing population, pollution is also increasing which in turn caused the scarcity of purified drinking water and adulteration of food. These adulterations are the main causes for the increasing risk of cardiovascular diseases. Deposition of cholesterol in the vessels are the most common problem these days, which require catheter and wire strands.

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Geographically, North America has most lucrative market, and is progressing day by day. Sedentary lifestyle is flourishing in the Western culture due to advancement in the technology. These factors lead to the cardiovascular diseases. Continuous Research and Development are going in this region at high rate. Asia Pacific region market is the next huge market after North America due to growing population and technological progress.

Some of the major key players include: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation, Medtronic plc, Abbott, Boston Scientific Corporation, LivaNova PLC, CryoLife, Inc., Micro Interventional Devices, Inc., Braile Biom├ędica, Lepu Medical Technology Company Ltd., TTK Healthcare Limited.

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