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Result-Oriented Management is a key to success

Press release November 18, 2013

A condition for being a results-oriented as a manager is to possess the knowledge and understanding of how different management tools can influence employee behavior.

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In general, result-oriented management is about creating a guiding principle or a vision that indicates in which direction the company and its employees should move. Furthermore, there are several specific management tools and theories, which can be used to influence employee behavior.

There are many popular and effective management tools, and you have to work with topics such as motivation, reward strategy, balanced scorecard and Lean management if you want to have success in your management position or if you want your organization to have success.

A deep understanding of how you, as a manager, are able to influence your employees by using various management tool, and thus harmonizing the employees' behavior with the company's vision and strategy is one of the keys to organizational success.

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There are many different methods, concepts or management tools that managers, middle-managers, and companies are generally are able to use. In some ways, however, the modern management tools differ radically from previously applied management tools. One of the important factors is the internalization of management. Previously, the effect of management tools was not as far-reaching as it often is today.

For example, consider the punch card system. The employees punch the clock in and out of work, thus the employees are controlled and managed by the use of this tool. The tool is very simple. In order to continue the metaphor, it is possible to say that this tool is difficult to internalize.

The rule is simple: the employee has to check in and check out at a certain time, and if they do not comply with this, the employee is acting in conflict with the rules. This way, it is easy to comprehend what is expected from a good employee.

The situation is different when it comes to applying modern tools. These have no simple rules or functions. However, both as manager and employee, you have to be self-managing and responsible. It is not as clear and precise what is expected from "the good employeeā€¯. However, you need to constantly justify your presence, both towards other employees and towards yourself, as the tool dictates structures and disciplines you towards a specific behavior.

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