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Rainbow 95 Bigger Bolder Better

Press release September 9, 2009 Music

Tragedy Turns Rainbow 95 into serious station

If you haven't already noticed, Rainbow 95 was off the air for several weeks, but as of today, they are back on air and better than before. Tragedy struck this small station when a power surge destroyed their main computer and all the studio equipment, but with the help of many people, Rainbow 95 is now fully operational. As station owner Jan Starks said "We lost nearly everything, but now we are coming back running and intend to recover from the ashes. We are a force to be reconed with. We even moved the station to a whole new market, added several things and got rid of what didn't work."

Bob Williams, host of The Morning Show says, "The changes made are all good. We have added a trivia contest not only during my show (The Morning Show airs M-F from 9am-11am CT) but also on our website. We are still on and can be heard on, but we are investigating other avenues to increase our listener base. "

Rainbow 95 is like a phoenix and has risen from the ashes as a bigger, better and bolder station. Give them a listen for yourself. Check out their website at www.rainbow-95.webnode.comand enter their weekly trivia question, call the studio with your requests every Saturday, or simply enjoy the great music on or conect to the station from their wesite. Either way, you won't be disappointed.

Rainbow 95 is proving again and again why they Are the Rainbow