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Radio Release for Steve Camerons lates R&B Innocent Victims

Press release December 8, 2015 Music Music Gateway Radio Television Music industry Cultural

A tribute to PTSD victims all around The World

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Steve Cameron was born and raised in Miami  United States but has lived in Denmark since 1978.

He is best known as a gospelsinger, but next to gospel music, R&B, reggae, calypso also has a special place in his heart. Having his musical roots from Miami Fla. This has also led to Steve formed the band B # sharp with his own compositions, which are a mix of latin, caribbean,and afro american sound.

For the last 14 years he has build a reputation as one the leading gospel vocalist, in Denmark and surrounding countries in northern europe. With his latest R&B release, he hopes to bring more attention to all the victims around the world who are suffering from this condiction, PTSD and Thanks all of you personally, God Bless . Steve cameron

If your need a waw fil, can you get it - please write to [email protected] 

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