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PSD to HTML Service Offers Convenience and Great Savings for Designers

Press release May 11, 2010 IT

For most designers, Photoshop is the best program to use for creating compelling and attractive web designs.

 For most designers, Photoshop is the best program to use for creating compelling and attractive web designs.  Unfortunately, it is not easy to convert a PSD to HTML.  PSD is the native format of Photoshop.  It can not be displayed as a web page so a PSD to HTML conversion is necessary.  Advanced Photoshop users still experience much difficulty in rendering their designs into HTML.  If you want to speed up the process of converting your Photoshop designs into a decent web page, then you have to seriously consider hiring a PSD to HTML service.

There are lots of advantages that you can enjoy from a PSD to HTML service.  First of all, this type of service offers a significant convenience for web designers.  It is true that you can do the conversion using ImageReady or by using third party software that converts PSD to HTML.  However, individually slicing the graphic elements of your design and rendering them into HTML takes a lot of time.  You also need to clean-up the designs so that the web page will not become too image heavy.  The time for slicing, design clean-up, and rendering can take weeks to finish.  It is also very stressful on your part especially if you are on a tight deadline.  So the best thing that you can do is to hire the service of a conversion company that can transform PSD formats into HTML. 

Aside from convenience, you can also enjoy web page optimization benefits from PSD to HTML service.  You have to understand that Photoshop formats create images.  Unless you know how to insert alt tags into those images, the search engine robots will not be able to read your website.  It is not uncommon for great websites designed on Photoshop to rank poorly on search results.  So even if you have the most excellently designed website, no one will find it on the Internet.  You will certainly lose a lot of money because your site is not effective.  If you hire PSD to HTML conversion service, your designs will be rendered into valid and clean codes that will display properly on all types of browsers.  The service will also ensure that the web page can be found by search engines. 

Lastly, it is more practical to use PSD to HTML service instead of hiring a web programmer that will convert your designs into valid code.  You probably know already that web programmers charge a very expensive professional fee for services rendered.  Instead of paying thousands of dollars for the services of a programmer, you can simply use a conversion service that offers cheaper rates.  The turn around time for conversion is also faster because these services use the most advanced programming techniques.  Within a few days, your designs can be rendered into valid HTML and will be delivered to you for uploading.  You can also get full money back guarantee from the conversion service if the work is sloppy or if the PSD designs are not properly coded as valid HTML.

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