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Progressive Rehab from HealthSource in Clear Lake / Houston, Texas sets new Gold Standard for Chiropractic Care

Press release November 18, 2009 Health

Dr. Kevin Davis joins HealthSource to bring faster healing with the Progressive Rehab approach, changing the options available for pain relief to Clear Lake area residents

The newest and biggest development in chiropractic care is called "Progressive Rehab" - - and HealthSource is proud to announce that this breakthrough treatment program is now also available to Clear Lake area residents from HealthSource.

Progressive Rehab is taking chiropractic care into the world of high technology when it comes to pain relief and stabilization. It combines the most modern, fastest-acting chiropractic techniques with cutting edge progressive rehabilitation technology.

What makes chiropractic care including Progressive Rehab attractive is that is especially designed to eliminate pain and restore function – more quickly than traditional chiropractic care and with lasting effect!  Progressive Rehab can be used with most patients of all ages – but holds special benefit for those in their senior years where it has demonstrated superb results. 

Progressive Rehab targets your painful area, makes an accurate diagnosis of why you have the pain, eliminates the pain, then fixes or stabilizes the injured area to keep you pain free and functioning at your absolute best. 

The Progressive Rehab approach differs from traditional chiropractic care in that it combines light-duty exercise and specific training movement into the treatment plan.  Progressive Rehab focuses on the muscles and ligaments which holding the spine and/or affected joints.  By restoring proper function and position to these muscles and ligaments, adjustment of the spine and/or extremities by the chiropractic doctor have a much more lasting effect, resulting in faster restoration and the ability to treat conditions that otherwise would not show the same degree of recovery.

The trademarked Progressive Rehab treatment protocol has been combined with traditional chiropractic care in over 300,000 cases nationwide with lasting effect and is now available to Clear Lake area residents as well from Dr. Davis at HealthSource of Clear Lake.

Speaking about this new development, Dr Davis said: “Progressive Rehab is the best thing to ever happen in chiropractic, and I am so very excited to be able to bring this to Clear Lake area residents.”

Across the nation, there are many chiropractic offices. However, most of them are primarily using techniques developed almost 50 years ago.  Only HealthSource uses the best of those traditional approaches combined with this very advanced system of health care called Progressive Rehab. HealthSource is on the cutting edge of non-surgical and non-drug pain relief and setting the gold standard for others to follow – Progressive Rehab.

About HealthSource

Dr. Davis is a graduate of Texas Chiropractic College and has practiced in Texas for over eight years.  He has a long-term commitment to the area with ties to local schools, clubs and family.  Dr Davis is a former bodybuilding champion and holds a strong passion for fitness and health, which he now combines with the Progressive Rehabilitation technologies to bring healing to people from all walks of life.  Dr. Davis, his wife and young children are proud residents of League City.

HealthSource was recently ranked as the #1 franchising opportunity in its category by Entrepreneur Magazine, and #5 in the magazine’s “Top New Franchise” category.  The Franchise Times recently ranked HealthSource #1 out of the 55 fastest growing, young companies within the U.S. – attributed to its an incredible average unit growth of 2,185% in recent years.

HealthSource of Clear Lake is located at 900-A Apollo Lane in central Clear Lake – more information can be found online at www.HealthSourceClear or by calling the office at 281-286-2229.