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Press release October 23, 2013 Education

The last few decades have seen an increasing focus on life-long learning in Europe. In fact, to the extent that lifelong learning today is part of the EU's objectives for educational policy. This has also affected the Danish society - lifelong learning has become a political issue, and it is an objective for the government to turn Denmark into a knowledge-based society with a population of 'lifelong learners."

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It is also PROBANA Business School's experience that Danish business executives are very positive when it comes to taking part in the lifelong learning process.

Politically, lifelong learning is marketed as a potential strengthening of Denmark's competitiveness.  The government's aim for tomorrow's Denmark is to maintain its position as one of the world's wealthiest countries and believe that an increased focus on initiatives, such as lifelong learning, innovation, sustainability and citizenship can contribute to this.  Specifically, this effort must be carried out by implementing, practicing and prioritising the factors mentioned in the educational system and the employment sector.  Thus, learning is also a tool in the fight to maintain Denmark's competitiveness and the Danish educational level.

The ambition for lifelong learning is also increasing flexibility on the labor market, so that both well-educated, as well as uneducated people will be able to change jobs and job routines, when this is required.  At PROBANA Business School, we are witnessing a desire from Danish companies to upgrade their employees' professional skills. They must be adaptable in order to meet the demands of the globalised world. Innovation must contribute to ensure growth and labor in a global market where Danish companies otherwise may find it difficult to compete with eastern European and Asian countries on being the cheapest manufacturers of a product. To be adaptable and innovative, requires learning.

For Denmark and Danish companies to cope in the international competition and maintain attractive jobs, the skills and flexibility of the workforce must be enhanced. Otherwise, we risk losing our position as one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

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