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Press release May 21, 2013 Education

PROBANA Business School think that "coaching" is a concept from top sports which is based on improving results by focusing on the athlete's own experience of what works well and his/her own ideas of how the performance can become even better. You can improve your career through PROBANAs LinkedIn profile at

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Within the business world, PROBANA think coaching has become a much sought-after management tool and a model for many companies worldwide, working with the learning organization and the processes around this organizational philosophy. Increase your Network with PROBANAs LinkedIn profile.

In connection with business life, coaching can be viewed from two different angles. PROBANA illustrates these two different angles by the following quotes.

"Coaching is to unlock a human being's potential to maximize his/her own performance." It is helping people to learn rather than to teach them" (Whitmore, 1996).

"Coaching is a way to work with people, which makes them more competent and satisfied, so they will be able to contribute more to their workplace and perceive their own performance as meaningful" (Flaherty, 1999).

Whilst the first quotation places the emphasis on performance optimization and thus can be said to appeal to the employer, the second quotation focuses on satisfaction and purpose, and therefore seems to appeal more to the employee.

When put together, they exemplify how the beneficial things for the employer and the employee need not necessarily be conflicting. Follow PROBANA at LinkedIn to find inspiration or see

Generally, coaching is a time-limited project, occurring between two equal parties. Through an agreed and constructive course of conversations, the coach and the coached together try to find resources with the employee to meet a specific task or a desired goal for development.

Thus, it is about finding the employee's inherent potential for the benefit of the employee and the organization. Hereby, coaching sets itself apart from teaching and instruction, as these forms of learning mainly consist of one-way communication, and imply an unequal balance of power.  Follow PROBANA at LinkedIn.

Aside from employee development, coaching can be used in connection with the improvement of employee motivation, developing interviews and assessment, problem solving, internal cooperation, team work, planning and follow-up.

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