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Plan meetings quickly with a meeting booking software

Press release July 31, 2018 Meeting room scheduling software Meeting room booking Meeting booking software

Every larger company have probably, at one point or another, experienced some sort of trouble, when it comes to planning meetings. The booked meeting room does not have the necessities for the meeting, or there isn't room for all the participants.

Planning meetings can often be a very difficult and time-consuming task. Especially when it comes to larger companies where several meetings are held, throughout the day - and these meetings are often held at the same time. Some employees might even have experienced having double booked a room for a meeting, or maybe even double booked some of the participants in a meeting - and let's face it, no one can be in two places at the same time. 

Especially these companies can draw advantage from a meeting booking software. These types of software comes with different kinds of scheduling functions. In a very basic meeting booking software, the employee can see which rooms are available and how many participants there is room for.

In more advanced software the employee will be able to book a room and at the same time book the employees that are to participate in the meeting. With the calendar system in the software, the booking of an employee will occur in the calendar, and you won't be able to book the same employee at the same time - this way you prevent the risk of double booked employees. Some meeting room scheduling software also allows you to book a room with the necessary equipment for the meeting - for instance a projector or a microphone and speaker system. 

To make the planning of a meeting even more easy and less time-consuming, some software makes it possible for you to even order catering for a meeting, in the same meeting booking software - this way the employee only has to access one specific software to plan the entire meeting. 


Meeting room scheduling software Meeting room booking Meeting booking software