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Pioneer Press to Revolutionize Journalism June 30

Press release June 23, 2009 Multimedia

Live News On-line Show Seeks to Save Small Town Newspaper - and all community newspaper journalists in the process

Contact: Daniel Webster 530-468-5355, [email protected]

The Pioneer Press seeks to revolutionize and redefine the world of journalism on June 30 when it launches its world premiere of the groundbreaking news broadcast at Viewers will watch the news come to life on the show as events of the week are delivered from the stage with a live audience via the worldwide web from Main Street in Etna, Calif., population 750. The Pioneer Press is the Official Newspaper of the State of Jefferson - the 51st state. In the same way this broadcast will seek to save this small town newspaper, Publisher Daniel Webster, hopes it will create a new vibrant journalism industry nationwide.

"Every journalist in the nation should join us on June 30," said Pioneer Press Owner and Publisher Daniel Webster. "The newspaper industry must rethink how we are delivering the news or face extinction. I believe on June 30 we will deliver an answer for community newspapers across the country."

Unlike existing forms of online journalism, brings back interactive old-school journalism and intimately reconnects journalists with their customers, using the technology for the next generation of news consumers.

"Pioneer Press Live is the first stepping stone on the road to next generation of journalism," said Webster. "This new design for online news will allow a revolutionizing expansion of the news industry by bringing everything, to everyone, all at once, in a hyper-local format - all the while keeping audiences young and old engaged in live interactive local news."

The world premiere of Pioneer Press Live is set for Tuesday, June 30 at 7 p.m. PST, and will air every Tuesday at the same time on Etna is located just south of the Oregon-California border, west of Interstate-5 in Yreka.

"No longer will New York and Los Angeles determine how local news is presented to local communities across the country. On June 30, a small town in Northern California will be the one to transform how news is delivered in a hyper-local style," said Webster.

The small town publisher has brought together the brightest young minds in his community to breathe life into Pioneer Press Live to demonstrate how the news will meet the needs of the younger audience, as well as the traditional newspaper customers. Three starring members of his team just graduated from the high school in Etna last week, including his new news editor Sarah Loogman.

Company Information: Founded in 1972, the Pioneer Press is an adjudicated newspaper in Fort Jones, Calif., a small northern California town just south of the Oregon border. Owned and published by Daniel Webster, the newspaper serves Siskiyou County, along the state border.