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Personalized Pens - How to Choose the Right Pen to Make the Perfect Gift

Press release March 22, 2012 Business

A grandmother or anyone religious may especially enjoy personalized pens with a Bible verse on them. The sky is the limit, but considering who is receiving the give will go a long way toward making sure it is well received.

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Buying the perfect gift for anyone can be a daunting task.  Pens can be an excellent gift.  A nice personalized pen is just the ticket in most situations.   No one wants to buy junk that will end up shoved in the back of a closet or drawer, and no one wants to receive that kind of gift either.  Pens are the perfect gift for anyone that is old enough to write.  Not just any pens, but personalized pens to be exact.  These add a sense that the gift was well thought out.  Everyone uses pens, and personalized pens are both personal and practical.

The key is to actually spend a little money on the pens.  Personalized pens vary in price, and the pens that make the best gifts vary depending on who you are buying for.  For a teen or pre-teen girl, for example, cheaper, capped, brightly colored pens work well.  Personalized pens with their name on them work to make them seem not like a cheap cop out but rather like a well thought out gift.  Personalized pens also seem to make their way back to the owner more quickly.

For a pre-teen boy, the same cheaper version will work, but a more masculine theme may be called for.  Personalized pens are more than pens with just a name on them.  Pens get even more personal when they reflect the life of the person receiving the gift.  A football player may enjoy personalized pens with footballs on them.  Pens pull double duty as babe magnets when they declare the owner a stud or something equally enthralling.  With this age group, pens and personalized pens can get really fun.   There is no fear other than appearing lame, so keep it low key and they should love it.

For adults, a host of other factors come into play.  Are you giving pens to a professional, a housewife, or a grandparent?  Each individual lifestyle requires personalized pens of a different genre.  A professional needs professional looking pens.  Personalized pens in silver or wood tones work well.  A mother may enjoy pens that hang from a purse strap. Personalized pens are just another way to keep up with their things.

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