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Perlick & InteliTap Announce Draft Beer Solutions Partnership

Press release December 2, 2009 IT

Market leaders in draft beer management profit boosting solutions, and complete beer dispensing systems come together to deliver restaurant operators improved draught beer quality, resulting in higher profits, bigger sales, increased customer satisfaction levels and significant cost savings.

Richmond, VA., December 2nd, 2009 – InteliTap,  the leading draft beer monitoring solutions provider, and Perlick Corporation, the leading manufacturer of innovative total package bar and beverage systems, today announced that they would be joining forces to provide their brewer, restaurant, bar, stadium & concessionaire customers with a complete, end-to-end solution to manage operations, and improve the profitability of draft beer. 

This partnership and the resulting solution gives clients complete control & optimization of their draft beer sector, from keg management right through to ensuring a crisp, clean, cold draft beer with ever pour. Customer satisfaction and profitability are the key driving factors, as the solution helps the client to directly increase sales from draft beer.   

Perlick is a premium manufacturer of high quality stylish equipment that has the longest life-cycle in the industry.  InteliTap offers a holistic draft beer management system, that also trains and educates bar staff and servers via their unique TRUST program. Their solution monitors the flow of draft ales and lagers in terms of quality, tracks individual pours, alerts clients to essential activities such as preventative line & dispensing equipment maintenance and keg management. This gives consumers the benefits and enjoyment of beer as it should be served.

David Adams, InteliTap CEO told us, - “The combination of Perlick and InteliTap covers all aspects of the draft beer supply and delivery chain.  The assurance that from the moment beer goes into a keg at the brewer to the moment it touches the customers lips that is controlled with consistent and perfect quality in mind.  There is no comparable experience that exists anywhere else.   We’ve been helping customers consistently serve excellent draft beer for years now, so it only made sense to us that we offer a joint solution to enable clients to go that extra mile. By using Perlick’s products you are ensuring that the equipment you are using is the best, and by implementing the TRUST solution your staff will not only know how to serve the perfect pint, but to also actually be able to get that point across to the customer in the first place via our training and development program.  There are a myriad of consumer misconceptions surrounding draft beer, like for example that it gives you a headache, and our solution dispels those myths in a personal, fun and friendly manner that customers respond to. A large part of our program is behavioral change and influence – and we’re effectively turning order takers in to educated ‘servers’; giving the customer a personal experience that keeps them coming back for more. On a technical level, the TRUST system works in perfect harmony with Perlick’s products, and by purchasing the market leaders , you can ensure that you are getting the ultimate out of your draft sector, from a quality, profit and cost savings point of view”.

Jim Koelbl, National Sales Manager for Perlick told us “Perlick’s goal has always been to manufacture equipment that helps our customers pour ‘brewery fresh’ beer”. We know we have been successful in that effort because we were named BEST IN CLASS for five straight years. Our association with InteliTap will allow our customers to easily monitor the significant contribution to profitability that a well operating draft beer dispensing system can provide.”

For all press related enquiries please contact Dave Adams, InteliTap CEO [email protected]  804 598 1880, or Chaya A. Jacobs, Perlick Corporation Marketing Manager p. 414.760.5070 [email protected]