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Organisational Forms - Mintzberg

Press release August 13, 2013 Business

Henry Mintzberg can be categorised as a situation theorist, which means that he places great emphasis on how various external factors affect the organisational form and problems.

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Mintzberg's theory is based on the viewpoint that every organisation needs both distributionandcoordination of work. These two needs are basically contradictory. According to Mintzberg, it is therefore important that each organisation decides on a structure that supports the organisation's needs. He describes six basic organisational forms that he believes any type of organisation can be categorised under. See

The central theme of Mintzberg's theory is that these six different organisational forms can explain most of the conditions that enable effective organisations to structure themselves the way they do. The organisational forms that Mintzberg describes in his theory are:

· Simple Structure
· Machine Bureaucracy
· Professional Bureaucracy
· The Diversified Form
· Adhocracy
· Missionary Organisation

In connection with an interpretation of the theory, you must, as mentioned in the introduction, be aware that each company has more than one organisational form. Often, several forms will exist within the same company - especially as the number of employees increases. Thus, several fragments of different organisational forms will exist within an organisation.

Mintzberg attaches certain design parameters to each organisation, which the organisation can apply in terms of division and coordination of work, so that relatively stable patterns of behavior can be established within the organisation. Within design parameters, you can work with the design of individual positions, the main structure, transverse coordination/connection mechanisms and the decision-making system.

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