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Press release December 4, 2009 Family

We are bringing people who are interested in embarking on sperm donation together

PureAdam Launch 

An introduction to PureAdam

PureAdam ( is a website allowing a controlled environment in which singles or couples of any creed, ethnic background or sexuality can identify suitable matches to have a child.  Users can search for a suitable donor or recipient and get in touch with them in the privacy of their own homes.

PureAdam users

PureAdam is a site used by a variety of people with different circumstances. Single women and couples in mixed sex relationships with fertility problems have the opportunity to find donors.

Gay couples can do the same, and single men of either sexuality can choose to donate sperm either anonymously, with limited contact, or as a co-parent. 

Why PureAdam?

Users of PureAdam have the chance to explore the area of sperm donation in the privacy of their homes, and meet with potential donors if they choose.  Our site is discreet and confidential and allows users the chance to see the options available to them. 

PureAdam offers an alternative to the current options available – asking someone you know to donate sperm can be awkward and embarrassing, while using an anonymous donor via a sperm clinic means you don’t know the donors looks or personality.  Our site allows a middle ground, whereby a donor does not have to be a stranger, but does not need to affect an existing friendship.

PureAdam also allows users the option of avoiding long waiting lists on the NHS or expensive fees at private clinic.  By utilizing the internet as a way of connecting people we have cut out much of the time and cost implications of sperm donation.

There are many factors that the traditional ‘system’ of sperm donation fails to cater for. For example while the NHS does a wonderful job with stretched resources it can struggle to offer the option of co-parenting, which is something our site offers as an option.  

How are we different?

Our site is a more social and less clinical version of existing sites.  We offer the easy first steps to exploring your options in the privacy of your own home with no appointments to make or difficult conversations to have.  At PureAdam it is important to us that users have a safe environment to explore their options at their own pace and make decisions based on the matches they find.

PureAdam is on Twitter and Facebook, and will keep in touch with users via regular newsletters, making them feel part of the community we are building. 

PureAdam also has its own blog, and is encouraging users to subscribe and set up their own blogs if they choose, documenting their journeys.  Sharing experiences and information is the key to making the process of sperm donation less daunting and building a supportive network.

We provide links to government guidelines and other websites that give help and advice for those considering donation for the first time.  Links to clinics in the US and the UK are also listed. 

Facts and figures

A third of women in the UK aged 35 are single.

More women than ever are undergoing fertility treatment according to the latest national data published by the new Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority.

The UK's Donor Conception Network says record numbers of thirty-something women are enquiring about using sperm donors to get pregnant.

The average private sperm donation clinic costs almost £1,000 for each attempt and has a 20 per cent success rate.

In the United Kingdom, clinics that are part of the NHS will not inseminate a single woman in her twenties, nor will they offer any background information about a donor.

Private sperm banks typically only accept donors between the ages of 21 and 38. 

How exactly does the service work?

Users set up an account and add information to their profiles.  Users search other profiles to identify someone they feel might be a suitable match and then they get in touch with them by exchanging emails through our website.

Our site runs in a similar way to a dating site so everyone can see personal pages and send messages etc in a safe environment.  Users can control how much information to provide and who can see it.

Users may decide to meet and visit a private clinic if this is a chosen donation method. 

What are the fees?

Registering your personal profile on PureAdam is free.

Regular service is $8 per month and allows users to send 3 messages a day to other users (and read an unlimited number of messages).

Upgraded ‘gold’ membership - $15 for one month or $30 for 3 months - allows users to send up to 10 messages a day.  

Introductory offers

As an introductory offer in order to build its community PureAdam is offering the first month’s regular service for free.  Payment details need not be provided and users are not locked into a contract.

Who we are

PureAdam is a privately owned website and all those who work on it are passionate about helping those embarking on sperm donation.  We invite new users to check out our site and join the supportive community we are building.

Ava Kelly is in charge of PR and is fronting PureAdam’s site.  She is enjoying helping those looking to conceive to connect.  She has set up her own blog about her experiences working on PureAdam, called From London With Love.  Click here to access the blog launch date

PureAdam’s official launch date is 3rd Dec 2009.


All media enquiries to be made to Ava Kelly:
UK +44 20 7193 3741
US +1 347 284 6719
[email protected] is on:

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Notes to editors

PureAdam has set up a profile which journalists can be given the log-in details to in order for them to explore the site as a user.

Contact details for case studies of sperm donation can be obtained via Ava Kelly.  If you are planning a story on sperm donation we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.