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New free app gives you Wordfeud on speed

Press release May 2, 2013 IT

The new free app Speed ​​Word Fight combines the best of Wordfeud and Ruzzle. It's an app that stands out in several ways and is well thought out and has a personal touch behind it.

Speed Word Fight

Word app's are more popular than ever, and in general the number of word app's has boomed in a short time. This means that there is high competition for new ideas. Speed Word Fight combines a good idea with the best from other app's, and it works.

The game rules

Basically you have to think quickly and create the most words in 90 seconds. You play 3-9 rounds. The words give points, which makes it possible to move up in the 35 levels that the game contains.


The game is free and without annoying pop-up ads. You simply register as a new user and you're off. The simple game play makes it easy to learn, and if you need help, help is available in the built in Tutorial.

Equal matches

In most multi-player games, it is rare that the matches are equal. Speed Word Fight has solved this problem with a built-in handicap system which comes into play, if the players are not in the same level.

Also available:

Free Single-player mode
Statistics on personal improvement
Play on both the iPad and iPhone
Play in seven different languages


The developer Alex Hemmingsen had a good idea. He had all the odds against him, but he said goodbye to his regular job and now he works full-time as an app developer. 4 months of hard work resulted in Speed Word Fight, where the goal was to combine the best from Wordfeud and Ruzzle and the possibility of equal matches, where it is not possible to cheat.

About the goal is reached, you can try by downloading the app free from the App Store or read more on the website