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New ecommerce resource to assist Novices & Professionals Alike

Press release February 22, 2010 Business

The new blog on ecommerce, not only talks about the different ecommerce challenges facing the ecommerce community but also looks at the ways to successfully address them.

eCommerce Sources is the latest blog entering the large sphere of different ecommerce portals already on the internet, but this one is a little different for various reasons. First of all, the way this web-log covers the field of electronic commerce is totally different from others, most of the prevailing blogs don’t really go that extra mile to look into the real world issues faced by the ecommerce community. These issues are overlooked or discussed in a very vague manner. By default, an eCommerce blogs should be for any one interested in knowing anything about ecommerce. Sadly, that is not the case; most of the people looking for valid eCommerce resources or information are discouraged by the scarcity of useful information. This web resource on the contrary, has tried to change the ongoing pattern of blogging.

Ecommerce is not anymore a subject of the chosen few; people now take active part on the latest developments and always look for ways to equip themselves with the ongoing trends being set in the eCommerce industry. The blog is maintained while keeping in mind the different types of users that may be interested in getting familiar with the ever changing world of ecommerce. The ecommerce blog has many interesting features that are about to set a pace for the future. Industry peers have also admired the manner in which this blog brings forward only the useful information for its readers. In general most blogs are made solely for monetizing purpose, they only think of making money out of every post they make.

The blog seems to be covering all types of ecommerce, for example B2B (business to business), B2C (business to consumer), C2B (consumer to business), and C2C (consumer to consumer). This variety in coverage reflects the experience of the author; the blog also monitors other online resources, tools, softwares, payment processors and new technologies being introduced in the field. 


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