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New B2B Search Engine On iPhone

Press release September 29, 2010 IT

Masterseek Brings First B2B Search Engine On iPhone. New iPhone Application Capable of Searching Among 82 Million Company Profiles and 45 Million Contact Person

All the business people using iPhone can rejoice as they can access global Business to Business search engine on their device. This new iPhone application is created by Masterseek, which is a true global B2B search engine. They have developed this application keeping in mind the wide range of business people that use Apple iPhone. The collaboration between iPhone and Masterseek clearly indicates that the leading electronic – technology product manufacturer Apple is eyeing on the market segment of business people.

This new iPhone application by Masterseek is a breakthrough search engine that will help a business person to search for other business people in his/her preferred domain. It will open up enormous business opportunities as the users can contact people and discuss various possibilities. It is highly effective to locate the niche audience and increase the market sphere. Therefore, it is not just beneficial to create new business opportunities but also effective to reach wide range of the target audience. This iPhone application by Masterseek is already generating a good response from the users.

The application enjoys a vast reach. The users are capable of searching among 82 million company profiles and 45 million contact person by using this B2B global search engine. The users of Masterseek search engine are very satisfied with the capability of searching business contacts, and they believe that the iPhone users will also enjoy similar benefits. β€œIt is a handy experience to use Masterseek B2B Search engine on my iPhone,” says technology editors, Tim B. Sullivan. High speed Internet access with iPhones makes things smoother to search business contacts in a fast and convenient manner.

The search of information by using the Masterseek search engine is highly effective. They use advanced search algorithms, advanced web crawlers and data mining software that ensures top class search results. The results deliver the largest database of company information both in terms of the number of companies and the number of nations covered in the search. The database of information on the companies is perfectly categorized and detailed. The users get to access the most updated information so that they can make the maximum advantages out of the search results. Getting access to such a wide range of B2B search engine functionalities is highly beneficial for the business users of Apple iPhone.

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