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Most Important Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Orange County Bankruptcy Attorney

Press release April 30, 2010 Business

Most consumers tend to look for products and services with the lowest prices. This is just natural because getting a good bargain is the essence of the free market.

Most consumers tend to look for products and services with the lowest prices.  This is just natural because getting a good bargain is the essence of the free market.  The question about cost however may not be applicable when you look for bankruptcy attorney Orange County.  First of all, the professional fees of bankruptcy attorneys in Orange County do not vary much.  Second, getting a great deal from the best Orange County bankruptcy attorney involves more than the price of the service.  You need to find a lawyer who can provide excellent service and representation for you.  So here are the factors that you need to consider.  

First, you should look for an Orange County bankruptcy attorney that will go beyond the usual free consultation service even if you are not yet a client.  Take note that most bankruptcy lawyers may give you free consultations.  So there is really no problem about this aspect of the service.  However, the best bankruptcy attorney Orange County should provide you with useful materials that will enhance your education about bankruptcy issues.  Aside from the free consultation, an excellent lawyer will provide you with educational brochures, reading materials, online resources, and legal articles about bankruptcies.  The aim of the lawyer is to help you understand the basics and implications of bankruptcy filing. 

Second, the best bankruptcy attorney Orange County should have a solid record of winning cases for clients.  So there is a need to research the background of the lawyer to know his or her win-loss ratio.  If you have some friends in the legal circles or you know someone who has experience dealing with different attorneys in Orange County, then do not hesitate to ask for recommendations.  One good indicator of expertise is the years of actual court experience of the attorney.  A sloppy lawyer will not last long in the business.  The best Orange County bankruptcy attorney usually has long service record and quite popular in the legal community.  Look out for these lawyers because they can give you competent and excellent service. 

Lastly, make sure that your Orange County bankruptcy attorney belongs to a reputable law firm, known legal organizations, and bankruptcy attorney Orange County clubs.  Having good standing with professional organizations is a sign that the lawyer can be trusted.  Besides, attorneys who are affiliated with known local organizations will have plenty of contacts and networks.  Having a wide network means that the attorney has a good reputation among his or her peers.  You may also inquire with the American Bar Association to know if there are no pending ethics complaints against your lawyer. 

As you may notice, cost consideration is not included in this list.  It is true that your decision can be affected by the cost of the legal service. However, you should not make it as the sole determining factor when hiring a bankruptcy attorney in Orange County.  The most important factors that you must always consider when hiring a lawyer are competency, trustworthiness, and excellent customer service. 


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