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“The MILLIODS Ecosystem is primarily focused on providing the Consumer an opportunity to inspect inspectable products prior to making any payment and allowing the vendor to hold a certain percentage of MID Tokens owned by the purchaser as Collateral”

There are many people who have been victims of rogue vendors while undertaking transactions online and have encountered losses amounting to millions. This has been of concern for many in this line of business which has seen tremendous growth globally. 

Now take a moment to imagine having an ecosystem that is keen on enhancing consumer protection, ease ecommerce while shaping the future of commerce. In doing this, the ecosystem allows a vendor after agreeing to sale their product, to hold onto a certain percentage of MID Tokens owned by the purchaser as collateral around 10% higher of the actual price of the product, while providing the consumer or buyer a chance to physically inspect the product and ensure it presents all features as advertised before actually buying it. The two entities, who will be holding an account with Milliods have the option to decide between themselves whether to accept fiat currencies or an equal value of tokens as a form of payment, isn’t that awesome and progressive? You would be imagining a concept that has been developed by Milliods in their soon to be launched pre-ICO; and you can whitelist as early as now. Milliods is currently whitelisting with a promising number of people expressing interest in the project. 

Milliods idea is disruptive, futuristic and clearly a safe bet for advancing ecommerce while at the same time ensuring consumer protection globally. The Milliods Ecosystem leverages on Ethereum Blockchain Technology’s ERC20 and the Lien Model of business, to enable users navigate through and secure various transaction that one engages in and ensure transparency. The MILLIODS Ecosystem will serve more than what some e-commerce platforms provide as the Money Back Policy, not to mention it will save the Purchaser’s from double jeopardy whereby the money spent is not recoverable, and the product shipped is either below the required standard or not packed at all.

The Milliods Ecosystem allows one a chance to: 

  1. Physically inspect the product;
  2. Pay only if satisfied that the product meets the needed requirements;
  3. Pay only if the product reflects the description presented by the seller;
  4. Return the Product if it does meet the conditions or description;
  5. Pay using fiat currency on the e-commerce platform;
  6. Pay by releasing the MID Tokens to the Seller;
  7. Tracing of products (where possible);
  8. No intermediaries acting like financial institutions.

Tokens Allocations

Milliods overall goal is to develop a reliable eCommerce platform and, in the near future, International Logistics Company with footprints all over the world championing a well-designed platform that will provide eCommerce service that allow users to adopt the payment upon delivery and inspection on the part of the purchaser.

As the Whitelisting gains momentum. The Pre-ICO is scheduled to begin December 01, 2018, with the Main ICO taking place in February 2019. The goal of this is to secure funding to finalize on the development of the MILLIODS Ecosystem and bring the product to the market in June 2019.

Milliods Pre-ICO Sale will be distributed and sold for Ethers (cryptocurrency of the Ethereum platform) as in: A total of 50,000,000 Milliods Tokens. 25,000,000 will be sold during the Pre-Crowdsale at $1.5/MID Token and Crowdsale at $ 2/MID Token.

Milliods minimum cap is $15,000,000 while the hard cap is $45,000,000. We shall burn any tokens, meant for sale, that will remain once the hard cap is attained or the end of the ICO date, whichever comes first. 

About Milliods: An eCommerce Blockchain Ecosystem that adopts Lien model of Business Transaction to enhance protection of Consumers' that rely on eCommerce to purchase goods.


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Business Trade Blockchain ICO Lifestyle Amazon Consumer Bitcoin Ecommerce Tech News Cryptonews Technology Good Startup Logistics Cryptocurrency